It seems that a heater acts as a sleeping pill plus screws with the lightness of a room.

I'm Gonna Tell You Half The Story So You'll Come Back
09:40 PM CST

Okay, basically I'm going to mention every dream I've had since last week, so deal with it, yo!


Dream #1: Grandma's basement. a crowd of people talking about apple cider. me and richard are in a corner; perhaps near the table the lamp sits upon next to the old couch. we're just casually sitting there when I lean in and say we should make out. richard doesn't say anything, but we do or whatever. suddenly this guy appears from another corner seeming in distress. he yells out, "OMG!! what's he doing?!? he's attacking her!"

Dream #2: Will has a convertible; the top is down. we're going down the freeway; I think it was the road leading in the direction of my house from the galleria if you can imagine where that is...anyway. we're at the sign that points to downtown Houston or Galveston when this helicopter swarms down and catches my hair in it. I try to untangle it sayin' it's flying awfully close and am afraid. Will says the planes should just take me away ..far away. I wondered why he'd allow such a tragic thing to happen and imagine being flown away by the strands of my hair. suddenly I fall to the ground of a bathroom stall and I hear Will's voice. he says, "it's cause you don't love yourself." [weird; that's all I have to say]

Dream #3: Richard and I are making out again. this time we're in a small building next to a pool. some kids and adults with towels wrapped around themselves stand outside peering in the window. richard throws a blanket overtop us so they cannot see. I find this somewhat arousing. we go to other small buildings near the pool, too when we're about to be caught. at one point, I'm standing by myself alone looking down at the darkened pool at night; empty. it seems that I'm climbing up to the top of somewhere; there are blackened railings. I wonder when the secret will escape. [again, weird]

Dream #4: I'm at an outdoor store outside of a mall lindsey dragged me to; there's a small basket filled with cute little erasers. they're in different shapes and some are people. one is a slender woman wearing a dress adorned with cherries. I pick that one up and a few other figures. suddenly I look at the white sheet of paper attached to the basket. $6/a piece. I get outraged yelling, "they're usually only 15 cents each!!" I'm shaking my fist as I'm taken away dropping the erasers.

Dream #5: Senior year again. this time I have my schedule, but I don't like the classes. I wonder why I was put in gym again since I recall finishing up my gym credits by sophmore year. I'm rather angry cause I have to go to my last couple classes full of sweat. one of the classes involves creating architectural layouts with dashes ...they must add up to something. mine apparently didn't and the teacher yelled at me. Dan appeared and told me that I should make a hot tub right there which was off to the side. apparently it would help out my total chart. I draw one in not understanding why I was singled out considering everyone else's wasn't that great. I decided it was cause I drew a dashed triangle in the middle of a rectangle. soon, I drag my ass up some stairs realising I don't know where my locker is (per usual) and I decide all the seniors have lockers to the left near the big windows. I see one person sitting on top of a table in the back. I ask her for a sheet of paper with the combination for mine. she hands me the sheet. all I can read are the numbers 16 - 31 - 1210 ..I got confused cause I didn't think there were such things as quadruple digit numbers. [this dream frightened me in the worst way]


If y'all haven't figured out, I've decided against the mints. not cause of the argument about the caffeine. apparently he doesn't like mints which pissed me off cause I thought everyone liked them but me really. I can only stand mint in toothpaste, but whatever. I figured out an alternative to go with his gift and I'll buy two tins of mints for other people on my list to make it more "gifty".

On another note, after downloading five Stereolab songs, I'm still not sure if I like them or not. oh well.

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