Before I get started here, I'd just like to say that the side of my nose itches. ALOT! to the point of a whole frikkin' red patch. stupid dry skin.

Whirlwind of Haphazard Philosophical Thought
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First of all, I'd like to thank kage for bringing this whole idea up in the Strange Moments thread at squishettes.

The idea was about how we all only see things through our own eyes. someone viewing this room I'm sitting in right now may see blue colour on the walls yet call it offwhite. hell, mom and I still argue whether it's offwhite or slightly grey. I see white really, but a dirty white. anyway, from this simple thought we can gather that it must be true that we all have our own whole version of what we see.

Going slightly offtopic, sometimes I'm afraid to give my opinion cause it may be completely different. especially with pronunciation of text yet that is a fact most can agree with unlike the colour thing. we all know that most regions pronounce things slightly differently. it's just an accent thing there and therefore we can all figure it out.

It's the HIDDEN differences that can drive ya crazy. it's when you were taught your colours by your parents say, with a colour chart or a book or just by pointing out things of a certain colour. what if you saw the sky as green yet you were told it was blue so therefore no one knew you were seeing it completely different? these are the things that drive me crazy.

When mom and I debated this the other day, we used a bottle of pink cleaning fluid as our example. mom decided to pose the question that she could see it as yellow though since she was taught yellow was pink, it wouldn't matter. I recall asking stupid questions such as if I was to try to turn the person around to my form of thinking by describing the colour to them, then it would help them out. of course, yeah, you'd just NEVER KNOW they were seeing it differently unless you asked each person you came across to describe the colour they were viewing right then without using the name of the colour which would be frustrating and make *you* look like the loon.

There are other examples of skewed perception beyond just colour though. our debate ended once I counteracted with an example involving letters. "what if you were to see an F as a T?"

Just the thought of someone actually being taught their letters yet seeing them wrong and seeing books in weird code yet understanding perfectly how to say everything baffles my mind. the whole mind process baffles my own mind really! I mean, seriously ...what if the way I see something is the wrong way? no way of setting someone else straight will help cause I'd be the one singled out.

Of course, if it was true that I was in the wrong, I'd have the most boring of all minds seeing as everything looks rather dull to me in general around here. of course, mom basically sees the same things (to my knowledge), so I guess she'd have a rather boring way of seeing things herself. we won't know if her pink is really yellow though, now will we? nor will we know if items in general are what others really see. this house could look like a cave to someone else. who knows! "to the batcave!"

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This is quite a cool topic :D

My opinion: I don't think that any two people see things exactly the same, hear things exactly the same, etc... I think that the perceptions we experience from our senses are as unique as our fingerprints. In fact, I think that each person's brain handles all information in a noticeably different way from each other person's brain. If my thoughts could somehow enter someone else's brain, the other person might perceive them as slightly odd... or, more likely, those same waves would trigger *entirely different* thoughts in their brain, because their brain is organized differently. (It's a bit like opening P.O. Box 123 in Eugene and opening P.O. Box 123 in Houston -- they probably wouldn't contain the same letters and catalogs. The impulses that become certain thoughts in my brain wouldn't necessarily have the same effect in someone else's brain.)

That's my theory, anyway :)


- 11.28.2002 01:14 AM - Yansa


Oooh I gotcha ..I totally get what you're sayin' ..thanks for your input :)

Anyway, now I wonder if someone who you connect well with and you were to trade thoughts, what would happen; I mean if you share alot of the same interests and ideas. that would be an interesting experiment if possible though yeah, too mad scientist-like perhaps.

I think if people of totally different backgrounds/views traded thought patterns, it wouldn't work as well cause they wouldn't comprehend it enough to process and would probably just reprocess it back to their tripe boring thoughts ..erm yeah. okay, now I'm rambling and probably stopped making sense two paragraphs ago :P

- 11.28.2002 02:02 AM - Amber


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