Mom ranted about dad earlier. apparently he bought some cheap decorations for the house at Wal-Mart and people stole from his cart three times in the process.

11:02 PM CST

Is it wrong of me to want to avoid Wal-Mart? not just during the holiday season? now, yes, I don't go many places as of now, but ya know what I mean. I've never wanted to go to Wal-Mart. I think even K Mart is more classy and well, Target is prestigious!

Well, the whole point of the rant is that he's spending money (no matter how little) on decorations to show off to the guys he brings back from the bar (no, not in a gay way, but to hang out and apparently they go into his fridge and eat all his chips plus take all his beer in the process - how rude not to ask in someone else's home! I'm surprised dad isn't more peeved about that! he said guys in their twenties are like that nowadays; he shouldn't make excuses for them - they should go elsewhere and be inconsiderate strangers! ..even if it is dad's fault he allows the behaviour, so he should endure it, but whatever) instead of considering giving us any sort of money! I'm sort've upset that he didn't mention to mom whether he got my wishlist or not. it's not the point of the gifts (or well, perhaps a small miniscule part is about the gifts, but nevermind that), but yeah, the point that he feels it isn't his duty to think about it. mom says it's all cause he doesn't like to be given orders about anything. he does things when he wants to do them and the way he wants to do them. rather pisses me off even to think about it. if the pumpkin pie thing again wasn't enough; he asks, but doesn't listen. sometimes I just think it's best to avoid the subject of dad considering I can be civil to him when he's around as long as I don't have to hear about the stupid stuff he does at all.

Sometimes I feel slightly immature to even whine about gifts and dad not really caring or not noticing what he is doing, but mom brought it up. I wasn't even really concerned till she mentioned all he said on the phone tonight. now the mug I wanted to get him isn't on sale; slightly, verrrry slightly considering not buying it for him unless I hear some indication that he is going to be nice. hrmph!


Speaking of consumerism in general, since thanks to Barista I started thinking about it (he thinks he's a terrible consumer), I think I'm a rather consumerist snob. I don't know exactly why though I make up reasons. I *must* have jcrew cause it's the only clothing that fits besides Victoria's Secret which I'll also accept. I *must* buy all my anime series cause I don't have a fast enough connection to download and don't know of any clubs or friends who'll let me borrow all the ones I want all the time. I *must* (or well used to since I sort've waved my hands down in defeat here) have Philosophy bath products cause others irritate my skin [now I use Dove which is okay; I do get a few breakouts, but I don't know if it's the product that's the culprit]. I *must* buy my books cause I'd probably forget to return them if I checked them out from a library; plus I like to read them more than once usually. I *must* buy my music cause I like to have the whole package; the artwork, the quality and such that ya don't get from mp3's.


[ETA -thanks to H.G.- about internet consumerism specifically]
Ya know the things that tempt me the most online? those deals in emails for 10 or 15% off if you type in this coupon code when checking out. I get a ton of these and I was giving in to quite a few of them lately. it makes me think "I've GOT to HURRY or there won't be any left or it'll be more expensive!" when really I'm only saving a few dollars, but whatever. that doesn't even cover shipping for the most part. only places with free shipping make it worth your while, but I still give in cause they make it look like a hell of a deal that will not happen again anytime soon, but ya know it will. even if they run out of what you want, there will be something better. it just seems devastating at the time.

Searching eBay is a downfall for me, too. I used to get filled with adrenaline over the idea of getting in bidding wars with others, but then 'buy it now' came into play and I found it my duty to find the cheapest price for the item I want at 'buy it now' and snatch it up before anyone else. if I saw someone selling it for cheaper later, I'd feel like a schmuck though (hah).

My new obsession more than anything though is online comic merchandise. I cannot seem to resist shirts with the characters on it or a cool saying from one of the strips when I bet normal everyday people wouldn't get why I was wearing a shirt that says 'I liked you better before you sold out' which is ironic in itself as I've mentioned on various occasions. as of now, I'm filled with anticipation over the MegaTokyo graphic novel, saddened that the MT blanket is sold out before I even noticed it was available, wanting an INR shirt plus an achewood shirt and possibly book [even the holiday cards tempt me though I think it's too late to order them and have them get here in time to send them out unless people want January greetings; hee]. anyway, as you can see, I need to avoid comic merchandise for the most part or I will end up more broke than I am now.


Anyway, I started feeling abit sad considering. Barista brought up good points not to consume. there's the point that none of it matters in the end and what's the difference between generic and if it contains a brand name or not. just buy essentials. blahdeblah. I feel like a snob for all I must have. even with food I get rather testy about which I'll eat and which I won't. I do realise I'm not helping by being materialistic, but I cannot help it either. at least not for long periods of time since my willpower is weak. if you must know, that day I said not even if it was as good as before B.C. times would I buy more music before xmas. wellll, I lied or only slightly. the Conor xmas album was announced (technically traditional enough to be considered B.C.-like ..bwah!) and therefore I ordered that plus a few others to make it worth my while. sorry.

Even despite the fact that I don't let certain seller techniques get to me, I still feel over the top. sometimes I feel rather embarassed to use AOL and want a faster connection plus a laptop. good thing no one has advertised enough for me to give in to temptation though I must admit, I still wish after that initial downpayment we had gotten the laptop though they've improved and probably gotten cheaper now. the point is that now we're poorer and the chance of me getting a laptop in this millenium is slim to none.

All I can say is that perhaps I'll work on some of my luxuries, but I cannot promise anything. I consume and I'm sorry (this should make Barista happy he isn't consumed by the consumer bug anymore after hearing the tortures of it!).

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"If your transmission's got you down or your moter's fallen apart,it's time to come to Thunderbolt, you dont need a brand new car. We still believe in value and we'll pass it on to you, at Thunderbold we'll fix it right and we guarantee it too.

We'll put the YEEEEE-HAW back in your motor and transmission"

- 12.03.2002 01:15 AM - Barista


Bwah! I actually know that commercial and it scares me ...not as badly as the rick furniture guy though ..his eyes pop out of his head with zee bling bling look *shudder*

- 12.03.2002 01:26 AM - Amber


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