Last night started out just like any other night...

Who Stuck That Cotton There?
11:10 PM CST

Skipping along to take a shower around midnight, so I wouldn't miss Conan (yes, sometimes I spend upwards of an hour in the bathroom; this pales in comparison to lindsey though just so ya know! most my time is spent cleaning up the water on the floor and putting my blemish cream on my face) and organising my cds on the desk for later.

Everything was cool till I stepped out and COULD NOT get the water out of my right ear. at first, I shrugged it off remembering last year around this time, when I had trouble with my ears and water. water...ugh. I knew naught of "Swimmer's Ear" then, but yeah, I was freaking abit this time. it was almost as bad as the "tampon story" considering I couldn't just reach in my ear where it was trapped; well, without probably damage.

I tried the normal methods:

-walking and leaning sideways
-banging head into side of counter
-jumping around like a maniac and shaking my head from side to side till my hair was messed up and I looked like I had gone completely nuts; also making the house shake with zee thumping
-falling down with my ear to the ground (though I couldn't fake a fall well enough)
-warm water
-much complaining and crossing of fingers that it would come out eventually

I sat in the chair with my vitamin c drops thinking the vapour would make them pop thus letting the water escape to no avail. I even decided perhaps I should wear ear plugs in the shower next time or till whenever the ear problem goes away. apparently that's not a good idea, but yeah, it still appealed to me for two seconds...or a showering cap over my ears only during the portions where water cascades over the top of my head; I'm a freak and really, it wouldn't work if I was washing my hair, so there ya go (I did wear a cap sometimes when I didn't want to wash my hair though; back in the day...gah, I almost forgot). I chatted with people keeping them updated on the progress. some had no concern. some freaked. some gave tips (such as "barista" and Jennifer ...THANKS!).

Anyway, what it all comes down to is that I woke up with my ear sore from digging at it; well, sort've pulling and digging thinking it would come out that way. I could feel warmth like it wanted to, but nothing. I laid on my pillow trying to sleep, but it was hard when I felt like the pressure was building up. it was like holding your breath under water. I'm waaaay too dramatic. basically, I woke up with it still there or what felt like what was left of it. it probably evaporated by then; I mean, sheeeesh! even now, I feel a cotton-like feeling in my right ear. I'm not sure if it's from the digging, the worry or just focusing too much on it, but it's there. it's there and it'll probably get you too one day. watch out for falling water out.


For those who might think I'm insensitive or forgot, read my entry from last year. honestly I have nothing more to say about it. my thoughts have diminished slightly since that day, but it's not that I've forgotten. it's just like hearing the same song over and over again on repeat. it gets old after awhile. I don't think that's a bad reasoning at all ...most wars and tragedy are put in the back of our minds years after it happened, but it's not that we don't remember. we'll probably remember this for a long time to come. that is all.

Just watched the news a second ago - I just had to laugh. four men caused disturbance to those onboard an airplane by all going to the bathroom at the same time and shaving their beards. mom actually exclaimed -when they failed to say anymore about it- with, "Aww, I WANT to hear more about THAT!" she thought they could've just been getting ready for a business meeting together and wanted to be clean shaven. what is so wrong with that, yo? heh heh.

there was some other trouble with some guy bringing a flip-type comb onboard. they thought it was a switchblade. I can see how they'd up security cause of what day it is, but I just had to laugh. I don't know.


In closing, a song from The Good Life (I *heart* this new album Black Out; at first I wasn't into it that much till I listened to it again today; oh maaayyyn. the one linked is sort've Cure-ish ...I can hear Robert Smith in it somewhere I swear. it was either that or Drinking With The Girls, but this one was shorter. a good representation of two distinctly different approaches; it goes back and forth from electronical/new wave to ballad/electronical:

The Beaten Path

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