I recall the days when I didn't care much for music at all. I mean, I still had some and yeah, I'd listen to it on occasion, but only a rare occasion. I hardly ran the batteries in my discman out in 2-3 days like I do now. sometimes I wonder how I was able to deal without it.

Drive It On Home
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Anyway, all these thoughts on music came about after Will told me he was getting bored with music and conversations I've had with others about the fact of the possibility that you'll never own every album you want cause there's always ones you'll want in the future and the old always are there waiting in queue and even if you do go back and buy some of those, more and more keep on appearing in the queue.

Mom always tells me how sad it is that there is music out there we may love that we'll never hear cause it's impossible to seek out everything. I told her yeah, but half the music (or more than half as Dan pointed out) out there is crap.

It's good that all the stuff I've bought in the past year hasn't been crap though. I realise most of what plays on the radio is only good for awhile. it is burned out and dead in less than a month and new crap fills the airwaves. that's the reason I stopped listening to the radio. all the albums I bought cause of stuff I've heard on the radio are albums I don't really listen to anymore except for a perfect circle. I still happen to like 3 libras...I dunno what it is about that song. I haven't even listened to that in awhile considering that's the only addictive song on the album.

Last night I made this mix. I finished the coverart by 6am....HAH! that coverart took longer simply cause I spent more time searching for a good image. I've been lazy and keep using images from a certain guide site full of landscapes, streets, bridges, buildings, etcetc. I still blended one of those images with that one though for a nice effect. I like messing about with colours and layers. it puts me in a trance. the coverart is my favourite part about making mixes no matter how tired or lazy I am. I was going to put it off till today, but figured since I was in that elated state of creativity, I had to go ahead with it after my shower. I didn't let anything interrupt me - not that much could at that hour considering most went to bed. I wasn't even on chat, so whatever. I didn't submit it to AOTM till this afternoon. I need to get H.G.'s address again, so I can send it :D

Speaking of mixes, I got a very nice one in the mail (it's in a pretty orange-ish clear/white case which makes me think of those dreamcicles; whatever they were...the orange and creme...gah. makes me think of summers past. it has such groups as the yeah yeah yeahs, cat power, afghan whigs, wilco, califone, fugazi, throwing muses, bright eyes [I already had this song, but it flowed nicely on this mix, so it's all good], liz phair, jack logan [who does a very interesting song called female jesus ...before listening, first thing that popped into my head was Jesus is My Girlfriend by Babybird...hee! goin' to hell I am - not literally though], ugly casanova, mirah, pavement, the pixies, rival schools, modest mouse, sleater-kinney, sonic youth, and the eels - I had only heard of 11 of those groups previously, but eh). I need to write an email to them if my popmail is working today. speaking of which, I need to write an email to André and one to pamie since I was meaning to do so. not that I *have* to, but ya know. Josh told me that André mentioned how he hasn't talked to me in awhile the other week, soooo I think he'd be delighted to get an email. as for pamie, well, I feel I should considering. I even thought about it and I think I predicted her book....evidence. I wrote this before she even talked about making Squishy into a book. hah!


Besides music, not much is going on. as ya recall from the last entry, plans didn't work out. it's all good though since it didn't cause any drama for them to be cancelled.

There was a dream this morning. it involved me in a sewing factory - I was scared cause I couldn't sew worth shit (I took apparel as an elective junior year of high school and uh yeah, I kept breaking the machine). this midget liked me. it was weird, but he gave the most sensuous (spellcheck says this is correct; it looks so wrong) massages. I was just about in heaven besides the fact that he was like a foot shorter than me. I was all, "if only he wasn't short; if only he didn't look like a leprechaun...then maybe" I kept looking around at all the men in the factory moving around the circular tables ...I went up and down an escalator searching out someone who could be as good as the midget. the midget wanted to marry me or somethin' ...I just smiled and then seemed in pain when he left cause I didn't want to like his massages and I wished he wasn't so short. gah, this proves I'm shallow as hell...hee! I think it has to do with the fact that I said most people aren't shorter than me, so it's cool.

I don't take group baths (or any for that matter) - especially not with midgets. Uh yes, I had to use that line somewhere and why not?

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Admit it, you're all about the midgetse.cx

- 07.01.2002 10:05 PM - ANGST


*mumble mumble*

- 07.01.2002 10:09 PM - Amber


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