september 19, 2000
the sometimes I wonder song and dance
plus more subliminal messages


sometimes I wonder where the time goes

sometimes I wonder where the answer lies

sometimes I wonder when the blackness remains to be seen

sometimes I wonder when everyone drifts apart

sometimes I wonder when I'll change my mind about things I hold firm

sometimes I wonder why grandpa says I'm emotionally two years old - my quiz results say I'm emotionally mature

sometimes I wonder why I get full till I want to burst over one bowl of pasta

sometimes I wonder why some people think I'm so evil or so defensive

sometimes I wonder why I feel uncomfortable in my own body

sometimes I wonder why I feel left out

sometimes I wonder if I'll ever make something of myself

sometimes I wonder if my allergies will ever disappear forever

sometimes I wonder if I'll ever do something with my hair

sometimes I wonder if I'll ever go away from here

in other news, I saw more subliminal messages in cartoons. just thought I'd bring everyone up to date. in sailor moon, kaori knight dresses like a hooker. the short halter dress deal with the cleavage. plus, she flirts with the main boss guy, sooo she's obviously trying to act like one too. then, also, in sailor moon, I caught an underwear shot when rini was falling off the cliff. yes, I know I shouldn't have been looking. on gundam wing, one of the characters has a name that sounds like "sex" when you're not paying attention so it gets pushed into your brain. I think it's 'zecks' or something like that. anyway, each time his name is called out, I think someone is asking for sex. and one other thing, is it just me or do they play the same song during the action sequence all the time?!? I mean, when there is an action sequence. three days in a row last week I thought I heard the same song. it might just be me. that's not a subliminal message though.. bleh. weirdly, I haven't seen many at all in Tenchi. DBZ had another one yesterday. the old man stared at the blue haired girl's cleavage when she asked to hear the story. he was like "hmm yeesssss" and they show the camera shot panning in on her breasts as his eyes bug out. obvious one there!

and I guess this is how it'll end. can I finish that last drop of pasta anyway? hmmm...

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