september 14, 2000
subliminal messages in japanime cartoons
and stupid dreams


this week, I've seen tons of subliminal messages while watching my usual toonami programming. sexual action comes to mind. on monday's episode of sailor moon [which was a rerun, but nevermind that] involved the bad girl with the blonde hair playing twister with some mechanical looking thing. she was screaming and her legs were spread apart slightly. she seemed to be sweating and having an orgasmic session. of course, it could all be innocent. after all, it was only a game of twister. twister is perverse alone though..heh. and just the fact that she kept panting and screaming...yuck. mom noticed that one right away. in tuesday's episode it was more subtle. the bad "guy" [girl] was wearing bunny ears and a bowtie type deal. bring anything to mind?? of course! the playboy bunny!! they do this waaaay too much in anime cartoons though. even in my tenchi artbook they have at least one bunny eared woman with a bowtie around neck. ah well, it must be a big thing to bring sexuality into anime cartoons. it's even downplayed over here in america!!! they must be stripping down and having sex in japan then. hahaha. of course, I'm just kidding..or am I?!!?

today there was another message, but I already forgot. must...remember....ughhhhh. well, there is always the gay seeming relationship between sailor neptune and uranus, but that didn't happen in today's episode. I guess it was really, really subtle. ah well. we all know it's there.

I really don't know why I didn't bring this up before. it has always been obvious. I mean, even in DBZ and tenchi and all of those shows...they all show cleavage on the women that's for sure. not that I'm looking, but who wouldn't notice it?!? their shirts are cut low and blaaah. I think I'm just in a weird mood or something. I've been paying way, way way too much attention to my cartoons this week. possibly tomorrow I'll notice something else since I'm on guard.
now that I got all that out of my system, I'll talk about my dream. I'm always talking about my dreams, but the ones I've been having lately just disturb me. today was a mall dream, but we were watching a movie. I think lindsey got me to go and there were no seats left. we had to sit on top of these two guys in the back row to watch the movie. I found this entirely uncomfortable and the guy's whiskers scratched me and I kept whacking at him to stay still and move his legs so I could situate myself. why am I always in the company of strange men?!? I just don't know what all of that means. I was thinking in the dream..I'm always thinking. I have alteriour motives always. I decided I'd make it through the whole movie since I knew ethan knew what I was doing. don't ask, but that's exactly what I was thinking in the dream. I decided this would make him proud and stayed, as uncomfortable as I was. I wanted to remember what happened in the movie, but I didn't.

I went in stores later, but I forget entirely of what happened in them. it was a snazzy looking mall though. I sometimes wonder if the structures I construct in my head could really exist somewhere that I've never been. that would be extremely interesting if it were true. I have such pretty exquisite buildings in my dreams and I just have a feeling that if they existed it would make me want to venture outside just to see them. some involve intricate glass walls and light shines through. some involve pretty cities. some just involve nice stairways and nice stores. whatever the reason, it makes me at peace.

now all I need is the concentration to remember every detail of the structures so I can draw out these marvelous monstrosities [I took interiour design!] if they don't exist somewhere, so they can be built someday. now, that would be a great dream. if only I was motivated to make it happen.

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