september 07, 2000
weekend recap
and how I bioré-ed my face!


it seems that labour day weekend is such a big deal, sooooo now I shall kill all those thoughts and tell you how my weekend went!

on friday, I got my talent back. I was in such a trance, that I finished my furious ryoko sketch without even thinking. I just kept drawing as if I was someone else. I wasn't the one holding the pencil...that's the only way I can sketch. if I'm aware that I'm doing it, I get uncomfortable and my self esteem comes into play, making it difficult for me to think I'm any good. I mess up and out goes the drawing. this one turned out quite well since I had no pressurised thoughts.

later on, the guest arrived for labour day festivities. it was funny when me and mom were in her bathroom while she was getting ready talking like girlfriiieeends [ya know, close chatty friends] about the latest soap gossip. as we were mentioning chloe and her wanting to have both boys, the guest walks in and thinks we are sharing juicy gossip about a real person [on the net or otherwise]! that was hilarious. I informed him of what was really going on. soon after that, they went out while I ate my usual egg, saying I'm sure I'd be okay since Josh was online to chat with. I was in quite a good mood. that night I got most of the images done.

on saturday, I went in and out of sleep during cartoons as usual, but this time I hardly remembered one of them. they had already left when I got out of bed and I just continued work on my layout in silence. I don't even remember most of that day. it was completely self centered on work. Josh had helped me out with my line trouble that night though and I couldn't wait to show mom what I had gotten done. she figured I was going to leave the gap in the line but I'm fickle. I can't stand small nuances that have to do with presentation. it would have bothered me forever just like the piece of dust and fuzz that collects on the side of the computer desk which I refuse to touch with my hands. it just collects there again anyway.

on sunday, mom and the guest were lounging around. I'm not sure if they were gone when I had woken up or not or if they had never left until after I was awake. nevertheless, I sat on the couch with them, looking at the events page of the newspaper while they decided what they were going to do. I suggested they go to rice village but they informed me that it was too late and it was probably going to close soon. I was just trying to trick them into going there to check out anime planet for me. rawr!! at first, they were going to go to a play and dinner, and mom kept asking him to call the place. callcallcall!! no resposne there. anyway, they decided to go see a band play [aaron neville I think? I know him but I forget how to spell his name and some other band].

I continued on my layout soon after they left for the night. I was feeling atad sick so I didn't want them to bring me back anything. I spent half the time signing up for a new board for the weblog that still no one has used yet [*hint hint*]. that night was the night I launched my site and I was pumped up. it was exciting as hell for me. Josh had left, saying he'd be back later so I'm not sure if he's seen the site yet. I haven't seen him since that night. too bad since he did help out in a major way.

it was funny when mom and the guest had come back and I asked mom, "you think the guest would like to see the site?" and he was standing right there. what a retard I am. anyway, he said, "let me go ask.." he walks into the bedroom and says, "hey, guest, want to see amber's site?" in a squeaky voice, he responds, "sure, I'd love to!" "alrighty then" he walks back out and says, "sure, he said he'd looove to!" mom cracked up at that too. I was atad embarassed, but it was cool. I was pumped up from the site, so I had no qualms to bring on the sarcastic funny.

okay, this is becoming longwinded. on the official day of no labour, well, I was done with my site, so I guess I celebrated by doing nothing. I had cramps though so what fun that was. I had found out why I was feeling sick on saturday. blaaah. my back hurt and I was not in too good of a mood. I didn't see mom or the guest till around 7pm. grandpa called and I talked to him for abit concerning the weather [at that point it was still frikkin hot!]..he tried to convince me to go there for a vacation. I said I'd been on vacation for a year, sooo that was okay. he laughed and said, "a real vacation." I don't really call going to ohio a real vacation but I digress. soon, I did something embarassing I'd rather not discuss, but thankfully mom walked in at that moment and I yelled down for her to talk to grandpa while I headed to the bathroom real fast. she obliged and by this time, I didn't know the guest was still here. I thought he had went home. when I was about to walk back out of the bathroom, he gave me a scare when I heard him say, "feeling okay?" and I was like, "ack!! ::throw something behind my back:: fine!" and sneak back out to my room [I'm not being very discreet am I?].

since mom was still talking to grandpa I went back to the computer and looked at websites, waiting for my shows to start. mom yelled over to me about ten minutes later to take the phone since grandma wanted to speak to me. I was moaning by that time since I was feeling queasy again, but I took the phone and they left. it was okay though. we laughed. grandma gushed over her card...hehe [from her birthday]. mom picked it out. grandma told me to tell her she did good and loved the card. not much was up over there and she told me of lindsey's new car, which I already knew about, and mentioned how she [lindsey] doesn't spend alot of time at home now because of it. we didn't say much else of importance besides all that I said already. just an update on my boring life...haha.

so that was my weekend. not tooo fun, I might add. monday night/tuesday morning wasn't good either. I got queasy and couldn't sleep till 5:40am. tuesday and wednesday were better besides feeling bloated like a pig [I'm not fat! it's just awful].

now for some excitement!! tuesday night I got bored, sooo I decided to bioré my face by using one of those face cloths. it was hoooot, so I wanted to cool off. I decided it might get rid of my new blemishes too which have brought me down to shame. it made my face sticky, but otherwise, it felt less dirty. I think it sucks out the moisture. now, it's a new routine. each night, before bed since then, I've bioré'ed my face and it's snaaazzzy. I can feel my face looking better and better besides the dark circles under my eyes.

now, if only I could do something about my hair. I need a bioré hair wand!!

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