august 15, 2000
there was a car crash
and check out my sketching skills!


earlier today, around 5 o'clock while laying on the floor watching tenchi muyo on toonami per usual, I hear a crash and feel the ground rumble. I got scared out of my wits and thought it was an earthquake but we don't get earthquakes in texas!! then my next innovation [well, mom brought it up but eh..] was that something fell over. I went to my room to see if my bookcase had fallen [see!! ya never know..good thing I have good feng shui sense], but it was fine. I did know that the rumble had come from below so my next thought was that something had fallen over downstairs, but it felt like it made too much noise for me to feel it on the ground upstairs...soon, we make it to the main picture window in mom's room. there's a white car smashed into the side of the house!!!!! not our part though, the next door neighbor's window. mom just informed me that she went out and looked and if the car had swerved a couple centimeters over it would have broken our window. that scares me to think that I can't be safe in my own house!! I try to escape trouble by not going out and get trouble for sitting in my house!! well, err, we almost had trouble.

anyway, we watched from the window as this lady in a bathing suit just sat in the car being idle. just sitting there like in a daze. some people had come out and this lady with her kids in her arms crying was walking around the front yard. soon the police arrive and the lady starts screaming, "that bitch was drunk!! I don't know her! she crashed into my living room window; I was holding the baby. take a breath analyzer!! she's drunk!!" at this point I was giddy with excitement and ran off to tell lindsey who was online. it was great..heh. I was all like, "a car crashed into the house!! lady yelling..wahoo!!!" another reason I had come back to the computer room was that tenchi was still on and I almost forgot about it! I told lindsey that bit and she found it funny that tenchi was waaay more important. ah well, I had mom telling me the rest of the story and I ran back and forth at intervals to see if anything new was occuring. me and lindsey got into a discussion about sailor moon since I didn't remember today's episode and we discussed the song that had played towards the end [freaky man voice] which made me realise I had missed the episode. before that, I wasn't paying big attention since I knew they were all reruns. lindsey had wished it had subtitles [I bet it's because she sings along sometimes..hah!] since the characters dialogue is better portrayed. hmm...sooo anyway, after this lindsey had to leave and tenchi was over so I went back to gawking at the crash.

mom would yell from time to time before this about, "now three more police cars! a firetruck!! ooh an ambulance!!" it was a zoo...neighbors coming out to watch even from the palms apartment complex across the street. people staring from the barred off area, people standing on the sidewalks. cars slowing down to gawk at the crowd of police and all. insurance people taking photos of the scene. the lady in the bathing suit looked ridiculous and she seemed like she was about to run off. crazy lady with kids kept yelling and mom said there was abit of the "f word" interspersed within the sentences she yelled but doesn't remember where. the lady was histerical and I guess I wonder why when your window is broken and your kids are crying. sounds like a nightmare. I was even shook up being a bystander at the window!

the bathing suit lady got taken off sitting up on a stretcher with her arm wrapped up [mom told me this]. I don't think the firetruck was needed but ya know, during emergencies everyone is called. I'm surprised the SWAT team didn't swarm down. that happened once when dad almost ran over a little boy. it was craaazzy.

so I guess things were straightened out. I watched them remove the car onto one of those tow truck thingies and it was totally demolished. the window was cracked and the whole front of the car was smashed up. it made me shiver just to see it. I guess that lady's nice day at the pool or the beach getting drunk was ruined, eh?

no police came to talk to us though thankfully. reminds me too much of the time the police talked to mom about the other neighbors [heh..]!! cindy and honey [the little yipping dog] were out front too watching. it was sorta humourous to see them out there; dog on leash when they were the talk just a couple months ago.

now they [the other neighbors] boarded up the window with some pieces of wood. I heard one of the little kids saying, "why did it get all smashed up?" and didn't hear what the mother said but things seemed calm and no more crying. everything seems okay. at least it gave me something to write about...don't ya just love it? if there wasn't enough action in the old neighborhood..!!!

now onto my art! after the fiasco, I began to sketch for ethan's letter. it took me four tries of three different characters to actually get something magnificent. only the best, my dear. I can't believe how well it turned took me about an hour of shading and sketching with my mechanical pencil to get it right. my hands sweat all over the paper smudging the pencil shading into my skin, but it was allll worth it. I've decided if I do give this sketch to ethan, I'll just print out a copy for's toooo good to just give out the original copy, eh. I'll make it nice and big and sign it or something once it's printed. here's the masterpiece:

it's great isn't it? now I'm tired and it's time to calm down with a nice array of bookmarks and some iced tea.

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