august 08, 2000
bug drama
and other loose ties including dad's short visit


there is a giant bug in this room still. it keeps rustling in the cup next to the tv. this conversation between me and husband guy says it best I'm afraid:

me: now I can't use the bug story. I think I said it perfectly in the aim
husband guy: why can't you?
me: because I lost everything when I restarted...hah
HG: oh... and I closed the last session because I thought you just left without saying goodbye (sob, sniff)
me: aww I wouldn't do that
me: geeez. bye bye bug story unless I just say I'm still afraid of it popping out of the cup
HG: it could land on your head (trying to relive the whole bug conversation)
me: hahahaha oooh yeah. but that was priceless. the whole way I jumped out of my seat, ran out of the room and came back saying, "there's a bug flying!! aaaah a bug!"
HG: I didn't see that
me: well, something like that. see? I already forgot it was soo good
HG: no, I mean, I did not see you jump out of your seat... run out of the room... that would have been cool
me: hehehe yes...well, I did.
me: I was scared shitless when I looked up
HG: and then that's when I asked you why you would be afraid of a little bug
me: hehehe yeah well it was a huge ass bug!
me: and it was big and it buzzed and it was black
HG: the best kind
HG: hah!
me: maybe I'll post all of that bit since it's as close as I can's sorta accurate. you'll be featured! aren't you proud?
HG: I am very proud

aaaah soo one more thing to be squeamish of right after reading pamie's latest entry! and the gross yourself out forum topic. hrm...

dad came over today. it was atad of a straaange visit since he didn't say much of anything. just went towards the closet, grabbed a book, and sat down reading it LOUDLY!! the most verbal communication had was when I asked him if he could turn the pages more quietly. he was making so much noise!! and during tenchi!!! no one interrupts tenchi!! he responded with a lame, "I'm not making any noise." like I was being silly and continued to make even more noise!! ya know that sound made when you rub your finger over the pages and flick it?!? well, it was accompanied by 'hmmm's and some grunts. that was so damn annoying. more annoying than him just speaking. I tried to ignore it by putting my hand up to my face so not to see him over there and block him out. after 10-15 minutes of this, he got up, went towards the closet again and commented, "hmm..interesting", put the book back and went back down the steps, leaving. he told mom in an hour he was to go play golf as they headed downstairs. mom went over there to pick up two past checks since he was behind and she told me he went with suge. she can't picture an indian playing golf. I said, "well, well, tiger woods plays golf!! he broke the barrier!!" we continued to think of anyone who wouldn't look right playing golf...I really think it's atad wrong to think of these things but some cultures don't play certain sports. eh, phooey. whatever.

anyway, I'm done with the yoga site finally!! it was taking up all of my creative energy to complete it. it will be looked at by the owner today I think. I hope she likes it. I'm crossing my fingers. I like when business is good..not that I'd know though. I really, really have been boring since I consumed myself in webdesign and scrolly bars and and yoga info. now, I can get back to the story involving midoriko and unknown guy, writing a letter [you know if I owe you one], and doing new layouts for my own projects. it should all come up in the future. maybe even merchandise! it will all come soon since ya know I love to have a project going at all times or I feel useless.

I also have consumed myself in finding cool anime merchandise. I want to collect more than just have a few of everything. I just need to pick a strong point of things I want. maybe cels are nice and good, but they cost too much to collect on a regular basis...maybe vids or dvds, maybe comics, I wish artbooks but same as cels..costly...ugh. mom thinks I should go in the business since they always get the high bids on ebay and they always sale for lots and ya never run out of merchandise but how would I attain this merchandise to sell?? I need one of those bargain basements where you can buy plenty or it's not worth it. I'm not in the know-how on becoming an entrepreneur or anything.

okay, so overall, nothing exciting but I sure sound exciting, don't I?
[ya need to get a life]

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