july 13, 2000
purple hair?
japanime phenomenon


I've been watching tenchi muyo all week at 5pm; very observational. somehow I find it just as exciting as sailor moon which I still watch at 3pm everyday. the time between that and tenchi muyo I mostly just eat and contemplate and read a magazine. yeah, I'm real productive!! well, I can't go online because that's mom's timeslot. it's all fine and good though since I don't want to think about being on the net all day. I wonder what that could do to your eyes? well, the same as what can a tv do to your eyes after certain exposure? uhh I went offtopic. em, err, sorry...

tenchi muyo is rather fascinating and all the characters are rather stylish with their cool haircolours and fashion sense. washu was funny in today's episode when she got all over tenchi. actually, all the girls in the house get all over tenchi which is what makes it excitng. like in yesterday's episode when ayeka and ryoko were reading those romance self help books and fighting over tenchi. tenchi just thought they were not feeling well and was quite confused..hehe. I got what they were doing though; that bumping into your attraction by "accident"...yes, if only that really worked! anyway, washu was the one wooing tenchi this episode and she was rather good at it. she did the sympathy story by talking about how she was married and had a baby and the baby and husband left because of social status. tenchi felt bad for her and got all shocked by her story and just as he was becoming weak, washu jumped on him and said, "oooh just gimme a kiss!! one kiss!" he was all stuttering and said, "uh, uh little washu!" and she was all like coming in closer with her arms all over him and sexily said, "call me washuuuuu" and he ended up pushing her away and she did some backflip thingie...ooh my! that was entertaining. ayeka then said "augh! you're married washu! don't you have any sense?" and she said, "ooh that was over 20,000 years ago, I'm still youuung and I get lonely." snicker snicker..

I still believe my favourite character since I started watching this show last week is ayeka or aeka [it depends on sites I've seen]. she's the one with the purple hair. it got me to thinking...hrm...I wouldn't look half bad with purple hair; well subtle highlights here and there in the black. I can always go back and put the red over it with feria since they have the kit. I'd just like to experiment. I look rather nice in purple lipstick soo why not purple hair? I need some confidence mechanism. I'm rather plain. I want something to stand out even though I like disappearing into the background in public. it's all rather contradicting and confusing but I'd still like purple hair. mom always told me I was an entertainer, one to be seen, and put on a show! maybe I still have that in me, or at least the experimentalistic mentality.

I can picture it now, the whole bang thing, short [well, to shoulders], raven black, with hints of purple shining in the front. I'd look rather snazzy I bet. sometimes I think I should just be a cartoon character. that would be rather fun since cartoon women are more sexy than real women at times. no, I'm not a lesbian, but I can appreciate other women too. I like style, I like copying off other styles and now, I have the urge to copy off of an anime character on tv! I used to copy styles all the time in school from real life people but eh, now it's cartoon characters. at least that is safe since you'll never run into them on the street and they won't say, "heeey!!! you stole my purple hairstyle!! how dare youuuu!!!" erm yeah...

anyway, I'll quit the sarcasm for two seconds, abit off topic, but I'll say one thing if you're wondering about my bad mood of the last couple days. that was just pms, I'm doing okay now. even lindsey had a bad mood yesterday and andy on his webcam was rather serious. yesterday was bad mood, if I freakin wanna be day I guess. or at least serious day. I was rather serious so I couldn't update my log or whatnot since I didn't wanna put a damper on it. hmm...and the relationship comment....that's sorta private but if you wanna know, I've settled it sorta, and things are pretty much back to the way they were. not that there was something going on before but I feel less uneasy about things. less unsure and I can move on with things in a usual manner.

I will be starting on that side project for the client as soon as I get word on the ftp trouble. turns out someone took over the domain name and she's not sure what happened since the page doesn't show up on the web, I can't get in. until that is figured out I can't really start completely. I could always upload it here or mom said I could upload it to her site since it has space so I can view it. I might do that. I have ideas and I'm sure she'll be happy with it and I'll possibly have my first paid job!! whee!! this is excitement abounds!

besides that, I pretty much am sure I'm going to buy a dvd player soon and the entertainment center, all that jazz. I think the first dvd movie I'll probably end up buying will be the new sailor moon. it seems rather exciting. the second will be pokemon...err yeah. you can tell where my priorities are. I'll probably rent other dvds to see if I like them first before buying. I'm sure my cd craze will follow me into the dvd craze. I will collect and collect. ya know, I did start with one cd and look at where that landed me? [I don't even list all of my cds//just the ones I have on my favourite cd shelf. the rest I'm going to sell though]. I'm rather excited about all of this. I won't even want to go online as much if I have sooo much entertainment in my room...who the hell knows.

I guess that's it. wish me luck with the purple hair phenomenon. I must remember to catch tenchi muyo tomorrow too..yeaah! I now have three anime cartoons I watch religiously..I'm ...how old?

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