june 09, 2000
a musical revelation
and more on those pesky neighbors!


there's been an update on the "neighbor situation". no one is dead thankfully and all of my fears and overanalyzing were for nothing really. mom met them out in the street on the way to get the mail yesterday. their names are Cindy and JB [for some reason I laughed at this..I don't know why. they seem like normal enough names] in case I ever want to go over there and say yo! anyway, mom made a statement to them about the fed ex lady and the police coming by; also mentioning that they must have been on vacation. she said the guy [JB I'm guessing] seemed put off by this statement like mom was crazy [I guess since it seemed like an accusation] and he said, "we always leave our garage open because we get alot of fed ex packages and we have a box in there [the garage] for them and they know this." [in a smug tone] mom told me that this sounded like he was defending himself, like, no, we don't have any rotting bodies in our garage and no, you cannot smell the stench coming from our house!

now that that tragedy is over, nothing too interesting is happening. I just finished writing up my guest entry for pamie's entry contest. I hope I win or at least get a mention. I worked hard on getting it to piece together right. I'm sooo creative lately. I'm working on mixtapes and themes for atalia and ethan, doing this of course, thinking up a new layout for wellyeah.org, helping mom out with her codes, and doing guest entries. where do I find the time? HAH! I'm full of such sarcasm! really, I'm just cool like that.

mom thought I should add this certain comment from a conversation we had since I was actually funny without trying and since I didn't have a place to place it in the guest entry I'll write it here. okay, we were discussing classical music and how musically inclined I am. I talked about the obscure groups I have and how everyone wonders how I'm soo cool to have the best album collection. anyway, mom mentioned that I didn't know enough about classical music [we were also mentioning how I'm not immature soo this all ties in, believe me. I didn't know I was slipping up] and I said, "yeah, I do. I mean, I listen to it sometimes when I'm in bed. it mellows me out so I can fall asleep in time to wake up and watch cartoons." I swear, I didn't know what I had just said. mom laughed and mentioned how immature that was that I just listen to classical music [like it's such a bore] so I can watch cartoons in the morning. I really do believe classical music is beautiful but it is true that it gets me settled down for the night. it could also work as a muse for writing. it has before. I never explain myself well enough and really I shouldn't try since I fuck myself up worse when I do that. anyway, it basically gets me out of my ADD insomnia state and that's why it's very very good. I hate when it changes to spoken word or opera later on in the day.

grandpa called earlier today to tell mom some bumming [is this a word??] things. he said, "not to worry you, but on the news I heard this guy had boxes of chopped up dead ladies in a room that he had met off the internet...." oooh yes, like this stuff happens all of the time. not all internet people are killers. grandpa had no real right to worry us like that and bring up the point again that he's always right. that the internet is an evil devilish thing that leads to trouble. puhleaaase! okay, anyway, after that he mentioned something about the condo in florida that is in me and mom's names. someone wants to buy it or something and we need to sign papers since it's in our name. geeez...my names on things I don't even think about. it's funny like that. he said one delightful thing. they're searching for tickets so aunt jo jo, lindsey and grandma can come visit us!! it just might happen! this'll be sooo fun! I'm already thinking about it...I won't even mind having to share the computer to have abit of change around here.

I got two amazon packages in the mail today. the big box was rather unnerving. I wasn't sure why they'd get such a big box for three albums [I had two orders with them]. I ripped it open and inside I saw, life from death row with snoop doggy dogg on the cover!! I just about died. I felt like I was invading some other world where obscure things appear in front of me if that makes sense. I wrote amazon a lovely polite letter telling them what happened and that I was sending the package back to them retaped and wanted my real order soon. hopefully I didn't sound bitter. I really do want my real order though and had to sound direct. I did get the new belle and sebastian album today [fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant] and it is the best thing I have heard in awhile. I am rather surprised since I usually don't like albums straight through. even the bad song is good [in a satirical way]! I swear..I have listened to it about three or four times today and in joyous head popping unision to the poppy classical beat. violins and flutes galore...aaah! the best song is waiting for the moon to rise. I could listen to that song forever. ya know, the type of song where you want to repeat it even before it's done playing? well, this is that song.

I guess that's all that is different. I could go on about nonsense but I think I'll have a cookie instead.

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