may 20, 2000
all hail the webgeeks
i see lightning shooting across the room


okay, I'm having two different thoughts running through my mind tonight. the first is about webgeeks and how much I've become one as hard as that is to believe [or not]. I talked to lindsey today about a second domain and it seemed funny. before we used to talk about guys or role playing or shopping [not that we still don't!] and now it's weblogs and new domains and ibooks. yes, we discussed all three. or at least I brought up the topics. lindsey doesn't even have a website right now, but she does know html soo I can discuss webgeeky things with her as well. anyway, I realised I must be a geek since I:

  • get excited over typing html code. can do it without realising it at times in places that don't need html
  • wants to be on the power blogger list more than anything
  • would kill for a gray ibook
  • wants to design websites for a living since doing it for free is actually fun..why the hell not??
  • is a domain whore [is going for a second domain very very soon and I won't discuss the details here if you're nosy] and highly wants a .com since they are in high demand. mom even said the shorter the name, the more pricey it gets if someone was to buy it off you. hey, I'd give up a domain for a million dollars! [one domain that wasn't even that great was going for quite alotta cash..damn, it's a whole empire business to buy domains and sell them back for more money!]
  • and finally, I would really like to make t-shirts that have to do with my domain, just not motivated enough but wouldn't that be damn cool? and stickers?? damn.

    okay, so, I'm a webgeek if that's all it takes. I still couldn't tell ya how a computer works though, but that's what a computer programmer is for. I am not that. I just know how to design a good website and get excited about it. dad still thinks I am the type who would have fun doing spreadsheets or making programs. I'm not that type of computer person, just to get that straight. dad doesn't know though. he hardly goes on the web.

    second topic!

    it's downpouring outside. I'm afraid of the intercom again. it's against me I swear. somehow I think that the house is going to crumble in the midst of me sitting in this chair or that because I'm typing, lightning will shoot across the room from the intercom and aimed right at the contact my hands have with the keys. if that made any sense. as you can tell, I'm terrified as hell. lightning has always scared the shit out of me. just the fact that I can picture what I'd look like if I got hit, it's not pretty. my body shaking in the air [skeleton showing in nice flashes of light] and then I land back in the chair with singed hair and smoke coming out of my head. not pretty at all. ooh yeah, and black soot on my face.

    there are tornado warnings too but not in this area thankfully. I still get scared at hearing the word tornado. that scares me as much as lightning. disasters in general scare me. I'm just a scaredy cat to put it lightly.

    anyway, the flashes of light through the intercom is odd...I don't know how it does it and if it's really electricity flowing through it and if I touch it I will get burned. I won't touch it though. that reminds me of the commercials where the guy stares at obviously dangerous things and presses a button or takes a closer look..the inevitable happens. I forget what product that commercial is about. shows how much I pay attention.
    I guess that's all I really have to say. the palm of my hand hurts from typing [it's possible..brush burn]. check out the scribble for a detailed rant about my short trip out to the plaza.

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  • learned:
    I think it's okay to be a geek nowadays and err, I'm a scaredy cat

    the plan to cut my hair...whenever there is time I guess.

    on tv:
    conan [on nbc]

    getting a second domain [excitement I tell ya]

    high fidelity by nick hornby