may 10, 2000
why I hate aol
america ONline my ass! more like america OFFline!


okay, today was almost the last straw for aol. here are my reasons:

1) even when you're online and doing things, it likes to give you an idle message every 10 minutes soo it'll keep you on your toes
2) even if you do click 'yes' to stay online, it will eventually kick you off at least once during your time online. no doubt about that. you don't even have to do anything for this to happen.
3) usually when it signs you off saying aol was 'lost', it will be virtually impossible to sign back on!
4) aol is pathetic to say you have as your main connection to the internet
5) just for being on aol, some wild internet freaks will send you porn in a forward [I have no idea how they get my name..they're always always always all aol names!]
6) the average people who have aol are dumb since it's supposedly the 'easiest' way to connect to the web. alot of newbies. my mom loves it but I'm not insinuating anything here! sorry!
7) there's no real reason to have it either since most of the stuff you can have on aol, you can have regardless, such as instant messanger. favorite places are on every browser too.
8) I would have said, weird people IMing you out of nowhere saying stupid things saying they found you in the member directory, but now I have a block against everyone except those on my list, soo at least that's one good feature. plus, that could happen on icq or any chat program so I'll shutup.
9) aol being the only browser that fucks up the most on viewing websites. it will 'time out' more often than my backup browser, ie5 which I had to use yesterday for this reason.
10) finally, aol will sometimes do weird things that make no sense. one glitch in the computer and you can't click on your favorite places or anything at the top of the menu bar. I also hate when I accidently click those slow loading things up top..the calendar or the weather icon..yick!

okay, I came up with an even ten. not bad for having used aol for 3-4 years now. I actually would say I like netscape from school better than I like aol, but that would be taking it pretty far since netscape at school sucked. it would show [ick]...borders on my websites!!!

this net talk is a tad boring but I really hatehatehate aol and I realised it tonight when I felt like killing it. I actually said, "you're a dumbass motherfucker." I usually don't talk like that, but gee. I hate when it teases me too. okay, it'll get to the 6th step in signing on [there are 7 damn stupid steps!] and then it'll pause there and make you hold your breath. it'll make glitching noises like it'll change over and then it'll stay like that for 5 minutes and say, 'aol lost its connection. please sign on again'. sooooo polite isn't it? when it's fucking with your brain!!!]

at least now things look okay. I'm watching it though. don't want aol to get mad at me. I'd hate to have to go through the trauma that is signing on to aol. it's not america ONline. it's america OFFline to me. and at 21.95/month to practice your fighting skills.

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aol can bite my ass.

wanting to get a new isp pronto! mom likes aol though. ..sigh.. it's time for me to gather up enough money for my ibook and I will be free from the evil that is aol!! I don't even have a prob with my email. I can redirect it anywhere! whoo!

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the dreams I've been having. le sigh. another time I shall post them. maybe on the dream section.

it's about time for a nice grapefruit flavored halls defense drop. I need to calm my nerves. I'm sounding like aunt jo jo!