november 05, 2000
the layout from hell
and no love, no call


I don't know how I got this layout done so quickly. well, okay it took me until 4am this morning to finish it and I had blisters [blisters!!] from typing so much code, but I usually don't finish layouts the day I start them. I was going to give up and go to bed, but I had uploaded some not so friendly code onto the photo page which severely messed it up. I knew I couldn't go to bed with that on my mind.

I stayed up to fix the problem which was a directory problem. it took awhile which meant I couldn't use the directory to store any pages with the scroll code on it. I was going to do each entry with a scroll code, but opted for this friendly safe method from which to store old entries. just used a similar layout to the last one except used black since that's the colour I use underneath the background. I hope this isn't confusing. two different css forms, only main pages will have the scroll layout to save on obscure things being put in the main directory. I'd lose stuff that way.

enough technical talk though. how do you like it? I know that the jump box pops links into a new window. I don't know how to fix it honestly. plus, probably some of the links are defunct due to directory problems which will be fixed. the scrollbar; well, the only trouble I've heard about it so far is that you can't drag it like a regular one. you have to tap it sorta and then it'll free scroll on its own. I hope that isn't annoying. mom found it annoying. I suppose you could always read the entry of the day in the archived section where the user friendly layout resides. that's my solution. I just think the scrollbar makes all main pages pretty and goes with the new title graphic. it's all good, yo!

so the guest stayed this weekend. I was in atad better mood considering I felt like hell frozen over. I let him listen to abit of my anime mix cd I made friday night. he seemed to enjoy it abit or maybe he was just humouring me. I mean, really, head bopping on Ryo-ohki's theme song? haha!!

I got a sub and chips last night. I didn't know how hungry I really was. I just started scarfing it down when I got frustrated with my code. I realise that when I'm mad, I begin to eat or pull out my hair. the other solution better than the latter. I spoke to ethan about the layout. we had some sorta debate on the netscape vs. IE deal. because my site is apparently not made for netscape. I'm sorry. I really am. I don't have netscape anymore. found out the backup netscape browser was on the compaq computer we had two weeks ago. not this one [I know, confusing right?]. anyway, I sorta had my feelings hurt abit. like I wasn't a good designer for not being browser compatible. that I'd lose my small readership. well, hey! I did keep the archives user friendly. what else ya want from me?? you can read it in the view source document if it's that hard. I'm not trying to be mean here. honestly, husband guy told me that it worked fine in netscape 4.7. just the same dragging scrollbar problem which isn't technically a netscape problem at all. it is just the way it turned out. I don't understand this exactly because when [which I can't view anymore..boooo I liked it there] had the scrollbar I think I was able to drag. I'm not exactly sure. I mean, I thought you had the option to either free scroll or drag. I could be mistaken since I usually opted for free scrollie action than dragging since em, that's what you do with a regular scrollbar. this is for the lazy.

I talk waaay too much about my designs or computers I think. really, that's all I've been doing though. I get wrapped up in this type of stuff when other things aren't going on. I watched cartoons saturday morning; pepper ann and tenchi I opted flipping between [I woke up *late*; late as in 10am..bleh] and I burned disks and I talked to mom and the guest abit. not much else went on this whole weekend. it wasn't a bad weekend. it wasn't quite boring [like previous ones]. it just wasn't terribly exciting either. oh yeah, I told ethan happy birthday already, but I think I'll say it again even though his birthday was yesterday! I just feel awful for not sending anything despite the fact we don't get to chat as much anymore. I still haven't sent lindsey's gift because the art programs kept dying on me. I think this one is good, so I might get to make her card and send it a month late. better late than never I s'pose.

I haven't *heard* [as in not even an offline message] from josh in a week. I feel so lonely without him around. nothing is quite right until I see his name appear and I get so excited. this happens waaay too often, but for some reason it's different. it's always different with each person depending on where the connection is and how long it took to reach that point. it seems me and josh connected from the beginning as good chatting friends. right from the first day we spoke I knew we'd chat alot and I can usually tell from the first chat what I think of you. most people are just random, blaah chats or they don't say much or talk about the weather which can get boring. I can tell a unique chatter right off. here is my unique chatting list: husband guy, josh, the spook, and ethan [well, before when we used to talk more]. everyone else on the list were just 'hi' 'how are you' types.

anyway, I miss josh alot. I wish he'd call me. each time I hear the phone ring and the answering machine come on, I hope to hear that it's him and get disappointed when it's someone for mom or nobody at all. I don't know why I hold such hope, since I said I wouldn't get attached. I'd stay neutral to it all; keep it casual. I don't know what happened..logic escapes me quite often. I think that's what people begin to see in me as time goes on and I attach myself more to them. it just brushes off of me ...that need. I think that's what goes wrong. I talk about keeping it casual...keeping things the way they are and then I ask inane questions or get tooo excited when they come on. I need to chill and maybe then and only then will something happen naturally and not pushed.

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