march 21, 2001
the unexpected news
and small tidbits


I got news from gabe [cousin] that him and grandpa are supposedly coming to visit on the third. the illustrious third! meaning he seemed unsure on which month. may was what seemed evident, but with doubt. I somehow think that possibly grandpa just was teasing or doesn't have the tickets in hand; just a thought. I mean, why wouldn't he discuss this trip with us? why did I only hear it from one party here? even lindsey didn't know what I was talking about! mom thinks they are mad at us knowing how dad supposedly knows more about everyone than us. this is weird. I mean, I haven't heard from grandpa in ages when he used to call weekly almost and haven't heard from grandma and them since january. I talk to lindsey online, but I dunno. I think it's the adult relatives that have some problem and I do see signs of this. I mean, who goes from calling on a routine schedule to hardly a word? and then all of the sudden from one person you hear of a trip! it doesn't make sense. I think they are trying to hide it from us for some odd reason. gabe wouldn't be in on it and that's possibly why he told me thinking I'd know; he actually said, "I figured you would've heard the news" and I told him, "no, grandpa hasn't spoken to us in awhile" something is definitely up. I didn't say anything more to gabe since I didn't want him to think I didn't want him to come here. that isn't it at all. of course I'd be happy to see them. it just seems sketchy is all.

the thought that they're mad or want to catch us off guard [like in an unstable situation] makes me uneasy. I know I don't look quite good lately due to sinuses and stomach troubles, sooo I bet grandpa would definitely be upset if nothing else to see me like this and force me to do something drastic and and..I dunno. I get all shaky at the thought thinking back to november 1999..the last time I saw him [he didn't come with the others on the summer trip]. times seemed bad, but hell, they're worse physically now. I was just mentally unstable then. I guess I am calmer, but that's just cause there's no danger right now. if there was, I don't know and I wouldn't want to know what would occur. I think I'll not mention it anymore. we'll certainly see if there's a trip or not; we have to before they come. I mean, where would they stay? with dad?

so lindsey actually told me something I didn't know last night about Tenchi. maayn, I thought I knew quite alot considering, but she told me the thing about yosho [katsuhito]. the thing about him being able to become young again due to the episode where he transforms back when his mom is visiting. I thought this was due to some sort of jurai presence..having his mom there. apparently I blanked out on that episode and he is able to transform back, but doesn't want the others to know. he has been married and lived his life and would like to go peacefully or something. doesn't want the others to know. this made a ton of sense after she said he did lock ryoko up 900 years ago and if he went with human years, he'd already be dead now. the tree keeps him going. I found this all fascinating. I'm thinking he should become young again and possibly get with ayeka like it was meant to be in the beginning. it just seemed so sad with all of that. I mean, yes, I wanted her to be with tenchi for awhile, but lindsey did say she thinks that ryoko and tenchi are meant to have true love. very true after the final episode of tenchi universe. they are very close then and even in tenchi in tokyo despite sakuya stepping in [grrr!!!]. I truely hope they make a fourth series. we just can't have it end with that trite tenchi in tokyo bullshit.

me and lindsey had a longer chat last night. in fact, she mentioned a project they're doing for school where they get to carry around these things called i pacs [I thought she just misspelled imac!]. apparently they are like palm pilots and she is able to download mp3's at a minute a piece! she can't listen to them though since you're supposed to transfer them onto your home computer [which the others have done] and hers isn't compatible. awww. still, at the rate it takes to download, that's pretty cool. I'd just find a computer I could transfer them on and get someone to burn the songs on a disk. in my case, my computer already has a burner, so I could probably transfer them if I had that i pac!! argh! why did we never get cool projects such as this? the most we got to do was carry around a digicam, but we couldn't take it with us. just in the hallway. :\

for those who don't know, there is progress with josh. andre sent a letter the friday before last. that letter was such a surprise. it seems more real now that I have evidence of it all. maybe one day there will be a meeting, but supposedly now isn't a good time anyway. possibly the summer holds possibility.

I'm currently making money off ebay like I said I would. right now I have two items up. sold one last week for $15. okay, so it's not alot of money, but at least enough to buy a few things I've been wanting like books and dvd's. my current checks aren't covering it all. hrm. I need a real job soon, but I'm too unstable for one at the moment. I need a brain transplant or maybe writing will have to do for now.

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