january 17, 2001
playin' with the remote
and not since thanksgiving


my tv arrived on friday morning as most know who are in the know ya know? okay, anyway, it was weird that I woke up exactly before mom popped in my room saying the tv man was abit early if I wanted to get up. it's just not polite to still be in bed when guests of any sort arrive. even professional ones. I didn't see the guy come in since I moved my ass to the computer room to be out of the way after straightening up my bed. after he left [hell, I thought it would've taken longer, but it only took like 5 minutes. he didn't stay to hook it up or to take our other tv downstairs; it wasn't in the job description I guess even with $100 shipping..bleh] I took a peek. it was bigger than I had imagined it would be. I didn't know where to begin since I'm not one to read whole booklets on how things work. I do it by trial and error in terms of electronics. first things first, I plugged everything in including the DVD player and the playstation as soon as the holes in the back were popped to let wires through. it took awhile to figure out which channel was to make everything work. we looked at the booklet, but it was wrong; and anyway, it was talking about vcr's so I guess that makes all the difference. they were talkin' other functions on the remote and pressing a code number. none of this worked. finally I just went to menu, input and put it on external and it all worked! I could even label the externals as DVD and GAM. how fun!

it has been a world of entertainment for me all week. that's why I haven't done a thing with the new layout, haven't said much to anyone, and haven't been the least bit creative. hell, I still don't know how to make funny right now. I've also been feeling like crap yet again so that's another biggie there. allergies and sinuses and headaches all at once. I don't know which I'd rather have if put alone, but all three are hell on earth lemme tell ya. you just don't want this. it makes you feel like you'd rather be dead. I'd rather be feeling like I did months ago if I knew what was upon me now. I hate january.

I still need a converter for my playstation and then I can play my new game. that'll make things more fun since most my games now I can't beat or I've beaten already decades ago so they aren't as fun. I've basically been using the DVD player alot more often. I also figured out the picture in picture screen last night. on how to get different channels to appear. our old tv had this same feature and we still haven't figured it out so I guess it's a good thing this new tv is simpler. I sometimes wonder if I'm just smarter now but no, I bet the newer brands of tvs cater to the idiots who don't know what to do. *shrugs* call it intuition on that one.

last night, I watched jenny jones and tenchi universe on dvd at the same time. I know that's odd as hell. I was just testing it. I'm sure y'all have played with functions on your remote yourself, too when it's a new item. I still haven't figured out the setting of the clock that is supposed to turn your tv on at a certain time, so you don't miss certain shows. what an interesting feature that must be. I'd probably still miss cartoons knowing me since I could leave the tv on and still fall back asleep. *sigh*

I talked to grandpa last night and grandma and lindsey this afternoon. that was exciting since I haven't talked to some of them on the phone since thanksgiving. grandpa is the exception to that. I still enjoyed all the chatting even though I don't like talking on the phone much. grandpa told me I should open up a cookie shop since they were that good. I basically was going to tell him that toll house made em and I just stuck em in the oven, but I didn't. I just said, "naah, others are ALOT better than I am, but good you like them. shows they're edible!" he laughed so don't think of me as harsh for being somewhat truthful..heh. he's used to me being completely hostile most of the time because of my sinuses, so it's nothing new that I say what I think outloud most of the time. I probably would've made the toll house comment then if I had thought it up before we hung up knowing me.

the afternoon chat was still better with lindsey and grandma since I wasn't having difficulty with my sinuses at the time so there was much telling jokes and laughing going on. I was quite at ease which is unlike me. I chatted with lindsey first; she was over at grandma's to get her haircut, but I bet anything that she went over there with an alteriour motive to get her gifts from us since I told her that mom sent them to grandma's. nothing gets past me..haha. she did open the presents there. she thought the mix cdart I made was fucking awesome. that's quite a compliment :) grandma cut in while lindsey was answering her cell which was her mom probably asking where she was since I heard, "I'm at grandma's..." anyway, grandma burst in with, "I love my cd. now I have quite a collection. three!! did you make those cookies?" I admitted that I did and the process which I discussed before on what a joy it was making them; especially the peanut butter. mmm hmmm..

lindsey came back soon after this and I told her various things about my new tv [most said above], the new ayeka action figure coming out which I must have [comes with guardians and is removeable from base..oooh ahhh], and the guy whistling outside the next door neighbours front door. I peeked out and giggled since I thought he might've saw me. this brought on a debate on him maybe being the postman or a jehovah's witness. I said I doubt solicitors are allowed and lindsey said they don't just go away. lindsey mentioned knowing one girl in school who was one and couldn't be on a team and then grandma and lindsey argued about this since grandma said they were allowed to have fun and lindsey said they can do it but not in a school situation such as on a team or whatever. I had no say in this since I'm not sure how these religions work. I'm neutral.

anyway, soon after this, the conversation sorta ended and I said one last word to grandma, remembering to ask her to ask lindsey if she saw Outlaw Star yet which grandma got tongue tied on, but lindsey understood. there was a quick, "no, I haven't been home, is it good?" grandma repeats over, "is it good?" and I confirm that indeed it's good with a "yes!" and a laugh, we say our goodbyes and I hang up with a smile on my face. a very pleasant conversation indeed. we should have more of those since it hasn't happened since around thanksgiving.

still no progress with any layout stuff, but I have more things I've been thinking of doing. for one, deleting the whole writing section; making this site more simple with the adding of the writing project on the weblog site. this should be in effect soon. I might keep a poem or story or two linked in the bio later. we'll see. until then it sits undisturbed.

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