january 11, 2001
I'm all tough
and playin with firraah!


I helped mom build my tv stand today. I had already been sorta rough on my hands before this occured though. ya see, I was making my bagel and used the bendy knife [I call it this cause it's bent at an angle; mom says it's called the butter knife..erm, suuure] to open the toaster oven. I didn't want to burn myself and ironically, I did!! I didn't pull the tray out far enough with the bendy knife [bad, bad, bendy knife, baad I say!] and my finger miscalculated how close it was to the top of the toaster; not the tray; the top of it which also gets hot when it has been used. anyway, it was a quick motion and I'm spreading it out. I got burnt. it made a "psssss" noise like my finger was being grilled to eat later and I pulled away all quicklike as reflex would tell ya to do. I have a red welt right on the bony area where my finger bends; middle finger [it figures, right?]. I went to show mom and basically flicked her off on accident. hee! I noticed and put that finger away. she noticed the welt later though after a billion times of "see! seeee!! seeseeseee!!" I like to act like a hyper kid sometimes when I get a boo boo. call it instinct.

so, as I was sayin', I helped mom build my tv stand. this was around 5pm. I got up to check on her since she was cursing and ended up staying in there till 9pm helping out. it seems I know how to read the instructions better; notice the fine details. mom was the one hammering away and screwing things in, but I was the one with the manuel, pointing out where I thought it was supposed to go. I also would hold things in place while she hammered. a funny sitcom inspired conversation popped out while screwing in the side door:

mom: no, no, no! do you see the light shining through that gap?

me: grr ::moves door abit inward so the light disappears::

mom: now it's too close

me: ::moves it out with much sighing::

mom: in! in! in!! too far!

me: ::again, moves it in::

mom: erm, ::surveys the newest move; not that it makes a difference:: abit out, not enough room to swing it

me: ::moves it barely at all::

mom: okay!

after much grief over the new tv stand, we left it alone with only the shelf and front glass piece to go in after it is moved in place in my room. we decide to take my old one out and move it downstairs. I got waaay overconfident about this and said, "it's not too heavy! should be simple with nothing on it!" so I thought. we moved it along outside my door and already I thought my wrist was going to break. I cut my palm and my fingers and all were red and burning. I realised I was holding it wrong; shows me not to listen to mom when she says to hold it underneath the square part. ouch that hurt. when we got to the stairs, I began to panic.

I pictured a scene from last year where the mattress fell and made a hole. it happened about a year ago from today and that was the same month that I twisted my ankle. good luck was not had then so I wasn't taking any chances. I was so damn slow mom was getting fierce about it. I kept making whining noises and shreaks when it would skip down to the next step angled. I yelled out, "ya know, I'm wearing socks and my foots slippery. slippery socks! watch em wobble! look at how my fingers slip; see the sweat? see it?" I was going ballistic in a shaky voice. mom assured me that it was fine and to just keep going; first the stand goes on the next step and then I move my foot, not both at once. I had to keep remembering this and backtracked a few since I didn't want to take any chances as I was sayin'

eventually we made it to the bottom [hallelujah!!]. I almost let mom take it the rest of the way down but she said there was no way and I might as well continue for the last three steps, so I did and we practically ran with it to the corner where the tv will go in the living room [my old tv is going down there I think] laughing abit. yes, after that big feat of bringing it down the steps, the rest was a piece of cake.

now, as you can see, I'm done and my hands still feel ruddy and shit. never call me a construction woman. it ain't happenin

if this wasn't enough ambition in my otherwise wimpy sit on my ass life, I baked the cookies for grandpa finally! well, okay, I made him sugar cookies a few nights ago, but apparently mom said they weren't fresh anymore. I was wondering why she didn't just mail them sooner then! sheesh! anyway, so I decided to speed up the process [not a brilliant idea] since I was tired and bake both different kinds of cookies on the same pan even though they called for different instructions [first mistake]. I put the break and bake toll house ones down without any pain; I just plopped em down. the peanut butter pilsbury were tough. for one, they were tooo soft. I couldn't cut them worth crap. half the cookie would stick to the big butcher knife and I had to keep wiping it [another mistake but I'll get to that]. sooo I had these wimpy looking peanut butter things that didn't even resemble cookies next to the nice sugar ones. I estimated on time. one called for 9-14 min and the other called for 10-20 sooo I put 15 minutes down [I know that wasn't right!]. the minutes went by fast and I smelled those peanut butter things immediately. at 45 seconds to go, I took them out, burnt...burnt peanut butter. lightly browned sugar [the sugar were good; others looked like pieces of shit! literally!]. okay, mom laughed like a banshee when she saw these ones. as if she couldn't laugh anymore at my antics. hrm. there was one salvageable peanut butter one so we stuck a hershey's kiss in the center and it melted all s'more-like. pretty pretty cookie. anyway, so I thought that could be the centerpiece and throw the rest out or I could eat them and suffer the anguishing pain it took to cut those suckers. *shrugs* one was already thrown out since it wasn't at all edible. going back to why wiping the knife off was a bad idea, well, mom read me off the instructions for the peanut butter [which I didn't read; I just read the time since I had made sugar cookies by the same brand in the same packaging so I figured it would be the same idea]. I was wrong!!! I was supposed to spoon the dough out and form them into balls or smooth them out [I certainly didn't do this]. there was no mention of butcher knives at all in this recipe. I am defeated!!

ah well, I don't care much. I did two things in one day that certainly made me out of breath. who knows how many frikkin times I went up and down the stairs today. unbelievable. I didn't even have time to complain about sinuses since I'm in agony over my sad, sad hands and arms which hurt. maybe I'll take a nice hot shower later with some yummy orange sherbert body wash to breath in. aaaaah.

by the way, the SM company scandal [I'm exaggerating too much for my own good] is settled. I checked my order status and my things were shipped yesterday. *sigh* I don't have to worry about this unless they clearly messed up or forgot my calendar. then they're getting a whoopin'!

now, I'm going to have a nice cool drink.

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