Still on the verge of a mental breakdown. yesterday was rather jolly good though.

10:39 PM CST

The reason for yesterday's good-ness? YANSA called and he ROCKS even more on zee phone! there was quite a stand up comedian vibe going on - in a good way!

I do admit I like imitating and skits, so twas good. not everyone can appreciate that though.

The highlights of the conversation (probably leaving some good stuff out considering the length of the conversation and I didn't take notes ..darnit! I should've taken notes!):
-scary french muziiik eeeeein English! about flames! and sheep raining down!
-country with bass ..."aaaayyyy beeee riiidin' maaah traaactooor *booom boooom cha cha BOOM!"
-goth in white!
-6-0-3-10-square root of 7! negative 5 -0-5!
-dj screw and lil keke are gay ....lil' paaadnaaah lezz smoke up!
-the ridiculous (reeeddeeeekuuluuus) people who stomp on leaves to annoy me while wearing tuxedos like tuxedo mask except leaves are the weapon; not thorny roses!

Okay, that's all for highlights. I did mention me and mom's Real World Mail idea at the beginning. basically we watch the mailman closely to see what adventures occur each day while the mail is being prepared. the most exciting day was when Cindy took Honey on her leash to the mailboxes and spoke to the mailman for awhile. I was like, "uh oh, there's some top secret spy bizness goin' down between them! let's see what happens! will she use her secret spy tae kwon do action while spinning Honey in the air by the top of the leash??" of course, she just ended up walking away with Honey trailing off in the other direction suspended by the leash once she got the mail, but uh, we'll just pretend it was more exciting.

Also, during the scary french muzziik in English bit, I screamed rather loudly to imitate the screams in the particular Thursday song playing. my voice remained hoarse for most of the night probably cause of that action right there; bwah! Yansa went into a skit about the screaming; that perhaps it should be brought to a nice C-Flat and feeeel the angst raining down; feeeel it! yeah, the motivation wasn't there sadly. lack zee quality of zee angst, do not scream.


The Guest brought me French fries (should've noted the comparison; ya know, scary and french yet not really french; american french like french toast) from McD's. he was indeed trying to call me when the call waiting went off around six something while I was in the hall. good thing he called back later or I would've indeed gotten nothing! The Guest himself only got cold bread from the fridge with peanut butter on it; how sad. we all told him he could order his pizza!

Oh yes, I did end up telling him how we talked alot about Finnish stuff considering his "spy heritage" (bwah) and how he and Yansa should talk sometime. they should start their own sitcom or maybe stand up comedian routine cause The Guest can do a skit with the best of them himself, yo!


Dream: I'm in a foreign exchange workshop and my nametag on the chair says Lu Beth which the girl next to me prounounces in a French accent lieuuuu. earlier my bag was confiscated and things were stolen including a stuffed snake (erm). I try talking to the girl with the accent. I mention how it's rather stupid how we get a new name each time considering in my last workshop my name was Cara and now it's Lu Beth. she says my name again with meaning like she's trying to establish me with the name. I just nod and smile.


Now, bringing us to the here and now... somehow I popped my frikkin' arm twice while just laying down watching tv. the first time was cause I tried to reach behind me while holding something in my other hand and twisting my body weirdly. I should never do this stuff considering my klutziness when not holding anything or reaching behind me. regardless, once I reached the breaking point of stretching, I had one of those muscle spasms that sometimes happen in my feet when I reach with my toes to press a button (I like to do this out of laziness, okay?). anyway, it hurt like a motherfucker. I didn't yell out or anything though. I just got what I was getting once I set the other thing down then laid back on my pillow ignoring it. the second time it spasmed, I think I just was laying on it weirdly. it still feels sore now. stupid arm. maybe I really am fragile or I'm just having a bad day considering I also karate kicked mom in the stomach and banged my toe into the desk realllly hard before the arm thing.


Zeee ridiculous people rang the doorbell earlier and were slamming doors; man. mom thinks they're drug dealers! in this area? I doubt it. they looked normal when I saw them exit their car yesterday despite the loud crunching of leaves. just cause they have lots of people over on a Monday night is no reason for concern ...I don't think. really, I've had people over later. not that they knock on neighbour's doors by accident, but it could happen.


Sitting here, I feel on and off the verge of sadness. sort've skimming the line. one second I'm laughing over something I just remembered and had to write down, then the next I'm sitting in despair cause of who knows what, yo. just hearing the slight whir of the computer, cars making noise outside, no other sounds, makes me melancholy. the break down maybe won't occur though; I pull myself out by blocking emotion pretty well and as long as I think of more funny scenarios in my head, I'll never be completely bored. just alone. [ignore the rather vague patheticness of this ending and pretend it has to do with ninjas ninjas ...ninjas who are on secret missions to attack those who make too quiet of footsteps behind them yet can feel zee presence of 3v1l! or yeah, imagine buddha's attacking the city ...haHAH]

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