This may be the last entry till I frikkin' get over the mood swings. maybe the last one till the valentine's crappy poems entry - yes, I need something to calm the angst while grandpa is here and that seems like it might work like last year.

I Don't Want To Wake Up On My Own Anymore
11:30 PM CST

Ten Signs You Are Too Emotional:
10. Write a billion posts when the mood changes then erase all of them before you are figured out to be unstable

09. Write posts just to show other people you are indeed NOT depressed even if you may well be

08. Have the urge to cry over nothing then feel like you're imagining the world outside the window to be darker than it really is to emphasize the mood - even better if it looks like an indie film in black and white with birds perched on rooftops reveling in your sadness with a nice piano break as your background

07. Talk to people you don't usually talk to when someone ELSE pisses you off so as not to alienate the people you do still value

06. Avoid chat for stupid reasons like out of spite

05. Avoid doing anything productive considering then you cannot be as moody and if it indeed didn't stop the moodiness, it would just be something else to fail at cause of distraction from the mood at hand

04. Want a certain someone around when certain others may be around to show you are totally fine cause the one person may uplift your mood enough that the others will not guess you are usually in a bad ass mood or apathetic to your surroundings most often thus not asking you to move cause everything is very cool and good and great ...just peachy!

03. Read sad books / listen to sad music

02. Write funny off the wall things to hide the fact that not everything is great and maybe throw in one line that may show otherwise ...the other stuff is to distract from that one line sticking out, ya see? geddit??

01. You go on hiatus cause you fear no one is really reading and/or are intimidated to comment cause they figured out all of the above long ago anyway


So, that's it. see ya.

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