The wires (nor the ominous black box) hath not held me back! zee dreams! they do still exist!

One Night She Swallowed Up The Lake
11:58 PM CST

Okay, I was at an "outdoor" (not exactly outdoors; it was a shop with outer seating within a bigger building - there was a small fake sidewalk with a gate surrounding the area though) café with dad (who knows why). I ordered a salad which was brought in packets. the lettuce was in one, the dressing in another and the other stuff was wrapped in baggies within the dish. after I mixed everything together, I left the table cause there was a dvd sale going on across from the seating area. at first I was ecstatic cause I thought there were a TON of dvds I wanted, but after walking around with the one dvd (an anime series; that Mini Goddess spinoff of the Ah! My Goddess series in case you were wondering; it was vol.3 ...I rationalised that it was okay to get it before vol.2 since I may never see this sort've deal again) for awhile, I realised that was the only one that even looked halfway decent. suddenly I set it down and stomped on over to the table. dad was sitting there ready to go and I asked where the hell my salad went off to - he looked dumbfounded then perked up like a lightbulb flashed over his head and said, "the waitress took it away." I was slightly peeved considering I hadn't even started on it and at least wanted to take it with me to go. I blew up at dad and he just shrugged. yes, I want a salad badly (that is my interpretation cause seriously, I want one and dad is the one who is supposed to get me one. rather stupid dream, but I still liked the perked up dad look; bwah).


My lips have been chapped the past few days. it's rather unnerving considering they just get worse each day. perhaps I sleep with my mouth open - there is no other rational explanation for the worsenedness of it. I've tried gloss, ice, water, ice in water, showers, etc. it just won't go away completely. I have that cracked at the side thing that occurs sometimes, too. ya know? it's hard to open my mouth to yawn and I semi-have chronic yawn syndrome (CYS) right now, too. I have to stifle them which causes my headache to flare up somemore. ew. anyway, I think the cracked side thing is a vitamin deficiency caused by dehydration/heat and combined with the dry chappedness of my lips, it makes for unpleasant burning sensations and feeling like I just got punched in the mouth.

Making out suuure sounds like a good idea right now ..darnit! even if possible, it would have to be where the lips cannot be seen cause I'm sure no one would be turned on by them at this state; I've examined them. slightly better with gloss at least.

It doesn't help that somehow I got a blemish abit below my nose near my mouth as well just to emphasise the gross factor times two! at least that can be covered accordingly.


Mom said I looked very Lands End-ish today. not sure why - Lands End needs a helmet. at least she quickly corrected and upgraded me to JCrew-ish. it must be cause I'm wearing red argyle socks and ginger striped pants - they are from JCrew! I did tone down the preppiness with my "hardcore" achewood tee! I cannot get enough of it! I still haven't gotten the other one I had been expecting, so I emailed on mom's name about perhaps switching to a different shirt from the new store. yessuh, I'm impatient, but well, it had been more than 1-2 weeks, so I was patient enough for awhile. I think the main concern is that, yes, the past couple days there hasn't been a package for me. of course, I should get used to it cause once the holiday packages stop coming in, (I'm expecting my free amazon gift certificate package, an xmas amazon package from lindsey, and well, the achewood shirt) I'm setting a limit till I make more money. bleh. I need to start getting motivated.


The Guest: This isn't the usual one who answers the phone
Me: Nope, she is working on Paypal before it times out, so I was told to pick up
The Guest: Ah, so how long will it take her? should I call back later?
Me: Maybe a couple minutes. not long.
The Guest: Ah, so you are meant to entertain me till then cause I am known as The Guest by you which means being entertained
Me: Um, I guesss ..I'm not much fun for the record [all spoken in monotone]
The Guest: *laughs* No, no, you must entertain!
Me: Hm, okay. I will entertain with no emotion then
The Guest: Noooo emooootttioooon ...doth one not possesss emooootttioooon?
Me: Maybe apathy....if that
The Guest: No, your emotion isssss... *click*

He hung up thus I was in a state of befuddled astonishment. yes, indeed I took the role of someone with an emotion staring at a dead phone. good job.
[really his phone just cut out and he called back, but since mom was done with Paypal, she was the one sent to entertain him; my duties were over]


Lady Singing: come togeeeethhheeeeer, riiiiight nooooow!
yeah uhnnn uhhnnn c'mon! come togeeeethhhheeeer riiiight nooooow!

*hours later*

Lady Singing: Come togeethhheeeeerrr riiiiight noooow! Everyyboodddddy!
Mom: I'm sick of siiiiinging thiiiis sooooong!
Me: Pleaaaaase just shoooot meeee noooowww!

-brief nbc difficulties-


Me: -to mom- Awwww you're alll fuzzzy wuzzzy in your robey bobey!


Blame the headache for my weird points of the day. also, where is my makeout partner? *snap snap*

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