Today some good happened. I got my achewood merchandise which I will provide photos to within the entry and um, yeah I got some other stuff I didn't take pictures of that I'll talk about. beyond that there was a storm and there was mopey me. wahoo!

Here Comes a Special Ambito!
11:59 PM CST

Okay, the thing that made my day was checking out my achewood book and seeing this:

The bit at the bottom which got cut off thanks to my digicam with no viewfinder (and like twenty trial and errors) says: * That's stir-fried rice that Lyle is holding, you're just going to have to trust me hee! my personal request was "Phillipe is doing yoga while Lyle holds a bowl of stir-fried rice" and yes, that is exactly right on! I was afraid it was too detailed ..bwah! it made my day; I keep looking at it even still cause it makes me smile.

Of course, ya probably wouldn't be able to tell by my expression while wearing my Special Girl shirt:

I just didn't feel like redoing it again. the others I attempted where I tried to somewhat crack a grin came out blurry, so you'll have to deal. I'm very *special* ...wacked out hair on one side and I look like I lost my best friend. hah. really! I'm thrilled about my shirt though. believe me!


I also got my INR goth tee, an Amazon gift from Zontar which I'm saving for xmas to open, $1000 check from grandpa, xmas cards from ScottG (squishettes) and David (lj), red pj pants (the ones I'm wearing in the picture -which are not viewable since I cropped the picture- cause they match my tee) and Mariokart for GBA (so far, I've gotten gold on Mushroom cup, silver on Flower cup, gold on Lightning cup, and silver on Star cup - I have yet to do the question mark board, but that's rather impressive for just one afternoon when I wasn't used to the new boards yet)!!!! yessuh, it was a good mail day overall.


Other than all of this, I've felt rather crappy all day. I don't know what that's about really. bloated, sticky, sore. the sore I figure was brought on by going up in my comforter to match up the points. I had to stretch and bend alot cause it was difficult. once I connected one end, the other would flip up! ya know the drill. I also got abit dense over which way the sheets went till I settled down and stopped cursing. after all was said and done, I had lemony fresh sheets, red fingers from digging around and I felt that my face was flushed and my hair was staticky from well, all the movement inside the comforter ..yessuh. at least I got the task done though it brought me some pain today. my neck was in excrutiating pain till mom came home around 5:30pm from her class and gave me a short massage. I haven't gotten one in awhile. it helped abit though my back still feels prickly and I'm still bloated. I think I get bloated each time it rains. I wonder what that means.

The storm reports lasted a long ass while. stalled The Tonight Show and therefore my slowness in posting this entry cause the schedule was different. I'm glad the storms didn't hit as hard over here (there was that tornado warning, but pshaw; you'll never see this term again-I don't know where it came from! ..whatever). it still was scary and I kept running to the hallway each time the intercom crackled and when it felt like something was going to ambush the window. it might've been hail.


Dad stopped by earlier for no apparent reason. it's okay. I showed him my shirt then ran upstairs. he didn't bring the gifts; I figure he's coming back on xmas. apparently now he has second rate pneumonia ..whatever that is - something about liquid junk in his throat. I guess I didn't like that phrasing much. I like to call it drainage which is just abit erm, better. not that there's a correct term. he didn't stay long - he just was on his way back from the mall; why he'd go when he is sick is beyond me ..spread the germs! spread zee joy!


My tea got cold in the midst of typing this. believe me I'm thrilled about my gifts and those who gave them though. just not so thrilled about much else (no, this isn't meant to be the part where I break down and cry while everyone sympathises; I just have an overall heaviness that refuses to feel the joy).

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