Oh man do I want to kill my head right now. it seems to not like that the lights blew out just two minutes ago not to mention it's been like this since I woke up to an overcast dreary sky. in fact, the lights should just stop dying. they die too often.

You Know I Know I Know
11:36 PM CST

Right now I am getting rather sad over the fact that my balance is going downhill the more xmas gifts I buy. the good thing is that I only have three more gifts to buy. I semi-whined or made it seem more urgent about the cards earlier this evening. mom might get me two boxes tomorrow if it doesn't rain. please don't rain please don't rain. don't rain till after xmas in fact. please don't rain please don't rain. rain makes me look like a bad person secondhandedly. you don't want to make me look bad, right? then don't do it. I mean it. don't make me do a rain dance cause I will if need be.

Things have to stop looking good cause I've already decided what everyone is getting me damnit ...oh man do I hate temptation. asian style shirts and free gifts and ugh. I think they do this on purpose to make your balance go down even further before the new year. anyway, if any of y'all who are buying me gifts are reading (I highly doubt it, but whatever), do remember to get me Mariokart cause dad didn't and yeah, next to Princess Mononoke (which seems to be taken care of) it's the most important item on my wishlist. for one thing, I'm having Mariokart withdrawal. that's what I get for selling the N64 version, but I had no intention of hooking that system back up anyway, so it had to go. I should sell more things on eBay soon to make up for the xmas gift spendage. I seem to stay the calmest when my balance is around $600. it's dipped down to $500 something as of now. that shouldn't be too hard to earn back. of course, once I'm through with sending out cards and buying the other gifts, it may be a harder task seeing as I practically have to beg people to buy stuff on eBay lately.

I need to stop procrastinating, too. I feel like I'm procrastinating though I did laundry. I feel if I did laundry, I am doing my part though erm, I just did my own laundry. no one elses. blah. laundry = productivity in my mind nonetheless. of course, I have to burn two more cds and do coverart as well. I should reallly do that. I have this thing that if I stop in the middle of a task, it takes more effort to resume doing it later. I can complete things like it's nothing when done all at once. I don't know what that is about, but once I stopped doing laundry cause I got distracted and the rest sat in the bin out in the hall for like another week. yes, I have issues.


For your reading pleasure I present an emo-core parody (yes, I was in a weird mood yesterday and began to make fun of it though yes, I like it, okay?)

The cheese is giving up on us
and the pizza left
what are we gonna do
and this whine, it never ever ends
never ends
I will never eat again!
I will never even open my mouth!
I will never eat again!
I will never ever open my mouth!
if the pepperoni is on its way,
we will never die
is it too late?
The colour of the sauce
it's all I ever see
AAAAAHAAAAH! [whimper]
The pepperoni mushroom pizza you gave me
it's all I ever had
I'm falling down
and the pizza isn't here
I shut my mouth
cause the pizza isn't around
I'm falling down
of exhaustion
I shut my mouth
to kill the eating.
and you're not here
to give me another pizza
-How long till the delivery?
parody of a Thursday song


Apparently I have alot of time on my hands.

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Ha, love the poem, I have to say. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for leaving me the note in my guestbook. It's very comforting to know that you're not the only one, you know? Sigh. I hope for your sake and mine that these are just phases that we're going through and maybe they'll pass soon enough. Before I turn into a hermit, anyway, hee. I hope you have a good day.

- 12.10.2002 07:06 AM - Cookie


Hee! it's a parody of a song, but yeah it would make a good poem, too :)

Heh ...yeah. it twas no prob; it was good to know *I'm* not the only one who is in that sort've situation. I'd say you'll be just fine. I blame seasonal depression ...always during the holidays if things are down, they're just more down, ya know? *hugs* :)

- 12.10.2002 08:12 PM - Amber


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