The Guest calls, but mom has to use the restroom (my first instinct was to say the 'lavoratories' till I realised that wasn't a word ..where in the fick did I come up with that? unless just sucks and it does exist), so I pick up.

Hang Up The Phone - When You're On You're Really Fucking On
12:00 AM CST

The first words out of my mouth were:

[Guest making 'du da du du du du da du' noises]
Me: Hi
Guest: Hi
Me: She has to pee first. so, did you listen to the mix?
Guest: Ah. no.
Me: [grumbles; point between a growl and a mumble] I might have to take it back; be an indian giiiiiveeeer [last bit I make sound really darn scary]
Guest: Hah! there hasn't been time. sorry.
Me: In three weeks? I'm real sure
Guest: When I get home I sleep. at work, the silly fools expect me to work!
Me: People can listen to music at any time. while studying, while driving, while working, while sitting, while sleeping, while eating....
Guest: I don't have a cd player except at home
Me: You're at home now. why not listen now or after this conversation?
Guest: Wrong! I'm in the car in the parking lot of [some school]. [Kid] has a competition
Mom: [picks up from downstairs; must've slipped by undetected] Hi!
Me: We're not done here!!
Guest: She's grilling me! [scared]
Mom: I told her to go directly to you. I didn't want to be the middleman here anymore!
Guest: That she did
Me: Sooo, yes, listen while sleeping
Mom: Yes! listen to Bright Eyes to sleep
Guest: No, no! I cannot sleep then. it has my full attention if I put it on
Mom: Well, I can sleep anywhere, you know that [giggles]
Me: [thinking this isn't about you, yo!]
Guest: Get me a cd player to listen to it on; not only need the mix cd; need the player
Me: Um...excuses
Guest: Get me a cd player for my car!
Me: Just use a discman. you cannot hear traffic, but who cares
Guest: That would work
Me: No wait, you can stick it in the ashtray slot
Mom: No, not the ashtray [laughs] [Me: (thinking it's not funny)] the lighter plug
Me: Yes, that
Mom: Then you can listen on the headphones
Me: Uh, no. the whole point of plugging it in is so that you don't have to listen on headphones
Guest: Yeah, the music flows out the car speakers ..get me one of those discmans!
Mom: I want one, too
Guest: Get one for her, too. I'm sure those are cheap enough
Mom: She already got me a gift. I'm the only one who gets one and am finished with
Me: Yep, that is correct. what's that noise?
[splish noises]
Mom: It's the water from the pan. making the food; on cordless
Me: Ah good. I cannot switch names, correct? he stole Paypal time!
Mom: Just check your mail for awhile
Me: Ah okay
Guest: [says something unintelligble or not heard]
*clicks* hangs up
Mom: [muffled sound from downstairs: "that's her phone etiquette"]
Me: [thinking "gee, thanks. I already was hanging up before I could catch the guest's comment"]


The neighbours next door were attempting to out party us earlier with their whooping and hollering. the door slamming was beyond unbelievable, ridiculous and annoying. there were cars lined up on both sides of the main road in front; not even in the back which seems abit safer. anyway, each time we did something funny, we'd hear them hollering overtop of it. bah!

For example, in the middle of our "arses on fire! hot! hot! bloody muuuuurder! bloody muuuurder!" joke, suddenly a kid went "whhheeeeerrrrooowww!" at that point. darn that kid. mom decided they had martinis, but we had InuYasha! okay, I decided we had InuYasha, but only cause mom couldn't think of anything better.


Shit, sorry for the Sunday frikkin' time stamp. I hate my computer clock. it was four minutes off. I figured I could finish it off before it switched and I still missed it even by saving and editing. I get anal about the time stamp, ya know. I either know it's already the next day and don't care or I skip completely till next update *shakes fist in disgust*

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What's "InuYasha"?

... who forgives you for the timestamp ;)

- 12.08.2002 12:31 AM - Yansa


InuYasha is an anime series; so far I figure it's about a demon who wants to become human and he wants to live his life with Rikyo who's life is to go after some jewel; I think the demon has it; once she has it, her work will be done and she will no longer exist or something, so it seems complex; there's more to it involving the stealing of some girl's soul who is really hers and how she came back to life [she was dead and blames InuYasha for it; some old bad ass lady brings her back to life with dirt and bone or something], but perhaps this has gained ya enough interest in it; hee.

I just started watching it as of last week. it appears at 11pm est/10c on Cartoon Network every Saturday now :)

- 12.08.2002 01:40 AM - Amber


lavatory is the one you were after

- 12.09.2002 02:48 AM - Mafia Pixie


Hm, I've decided I've been watching too much Dexter's Lab since I was sayin' it in an evil accent; mixed it up with the word laboratory.

Anyway, thanks. mom did tell me earlier today what I meant to say; if only would've given me *other* options for my misspelling :D

- 12.09.2002 05:44 AM - Amber


What if this guy is just super nice? Maybe he has listened to your CD but dosent want to say "I wouldn't use this disc as a coaster for a urine sample"

- 12.14.2002 03:57 AM - PoopMuffin


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