You're probably wondering what happened to me. if I temporarily died from that infection or left town for awhile. well, no. it's nothing that fun.

Hiiiding Faaaading and Some Such
09:44 PM CST

In fact, I was in alot of miserable pain after Monday, but it turned out not to be a bladder infection at all. it was a slight rash from wearing tight underwear the night before it started. it's still semi-there, too but at least I know I'm not going to die or well, have to go to a doctor which I never do anyway, so reason of death.

Since there was a chance of something interesting happening last night, I decided why write on Wednesday anyway. the interesting didn't happen, but it's all understandable why it didn't. actually with the rash, it wouldn't be too fun anyway. that on top of pms! the horror! there went the Rainer Maria show, too cause I bet it's happening right now or soon! quite sad about that cause I thought for sure there'd be a way to make that (at least last month I found it doable).

The pants were not as cool in person (damn dream!). too big in the waist area with no way to wear a belt. plus a belt with fancy side tab trousers wouldn't be very cute anyway. they're being returned and I'm getting some nice stretch chinos instead yes. I can never have too many black stretchy pants, ya know? I wish those plaid side tab trousers weren't $88. I so want those! they were even in that one jcrew warehouse dream! anyway, they probably wouldn't fit correctly either, but at least I'd have them. I have problems with pants that don't have belt options unless they're the stretchy knit/athletic type.

Zee complaining stops here!


Besides the infection, I've been rather a bore. music Music MUSIC though! I got two mix cds in the mail this past week and two albums that were backordered for awhile.

Feel free to download this. I like the album alot, yo. yes, it in fact does remind me of The Notwist in the way it's arranged plus well, the Germanesque quality and all. the electronic sounds are very similar as well. it's different, too, of course. for one, it's a girl singing (she sounds like Björk during certain songs including the one linked abit) and yeah, secondly, okay that's it really. it did remind me abit of new wave during certain guitar bits as well.

As for the mixes, they were very joyous; upbeat for the most part. I should trade more often with AOTM people!


I got my socks recently as well. oh yes! overjoyed by zee argyle sock! these fit, too. I got three pairs and they're lovely. mom didn't overreact when she saw me and the socks. she just laughed hesitantly and said, "socks! underwear! oh my!" I didn't show her the pants though she asked me later what they were doing there when she looked at the contents of the box for exchange (returning underwear, too cause it wasn't the style described). I played dumb. "pants? what pants?" "the pants on the kitchen table. what are they?" "um, I don't know" *blinks twice* "alright" "they didn't fit though" I barely whispered. hah. don't ask, yo. I suck at lying.


Dreams have been rather weird lately still. the other night I happened to be at a Sigur Ros concert (I didn't even know they were touring). this guy informed me to save his seat while he went to take care of business. I sat there while everyone stared at me making me uncomfortable. they all knew I didn't belong cause I didn't have a ticket. on stage, Sigur Ros looked like old men in 70's clothing; weird star shaped sunglasses and top hats. I don't know either. they still played their songs and the one with a guitar kept jabbing me in the side after he jumped offstage. hrm. soon one of the people next to me looked at me with the stink eye and told me to leave. I was no longer wanted. soon we all had to get up and do a weird dance that involved touching the heel of each foot from the back with our hands and jumping in glee. then we'd wiggle our butts and go in a circle. I found this rather fun, so I stuck around doing the dance. it was almost tribal. afterwards, I was kicked out though. in the elevator, I ran into someone. I told them this lady in the audience offered me a job to fix her professional pet website. I was rather smug about it. out in the parking garage I found the guy I came with and told him what happened. he was rather mad his seat wasn't saved.

Next, anime store. also clothing. I went from row to row trying to decide what comics to get and still stay within budget. in the midst of all this, I got rejected by this guy who got out a belt from one of the clothing racks and hit me. I was rather upset, but soon got over it when I saw a whole collection of X comics under fluorescent lights (which I hate; the lights, not the comics).

Finally, there were two boyfriends in all. we were outside the city limits. countryside surrounding everywhere. I somehow gathered up one boyfriend in the big house with the stairs leading up to the small room. he liked me enough to give me the mouse ear look (don't ask). I kept giggling at him then I left sayin' I'd be back in two weeks. soon enough, I ran across a more attractive guy who I had spent a whole lifetime searching for, so yes, I forgot all about the other one. I decided not to break the news to him for awhile. me and the new boyfriend gathered up a raft and went over the crystal clear stream under the sunset. it was majestic. we seemed very happy. I didn't even recall that yeah, I cannot swim and a raft isn't entirely safe in that case. that's all I can recall, but damn. deception and a raft ...augh.


The tortellini I just had tasted like Carraba's cause of the tomato basil sauce.

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