So, The Guest brought me fluorescent (I still cannot believe dad thinks the correct spelling is 'flourescent' - yes I once did so, but knew it didn't seem right when I typed it out; it says so on the box! not a weird spelling) paints. I'm not quite sure what's up with that.

The Guest Returns
07:24 PM CST

When I was in the bedroom yesterday and we were listening to various songs, The Guest kept reminding me to take my paints with me when I left. uh... yes. oookaaay. I'm not the paint sort unfortunately. I'm more of the coloured pencils / pencil shading sort when it comes to art. I once tried watercolouring in the basement at grandma's and all the colours were mixing allll wrong. there were water stains in the middle of the drawing as well. the paint was slowly dribbling down the page making a rather bad rippling effect. alright, I recall lindsey coloured one as well and hers was well done. yes, I've taken art classes, but they were incompetant in the paint department. we always used the Prisma set (rather expensive at the Texas art supply store which is where I got allll my products - quite disconcerting knowing we didn't use half of them - just the pencils / box set - and I didn't turn into an expert artist. I think I do better sketching at home when not under pressure using my cheap soft lead mechanical pencil I got from Sanrio). anyway, soooo, hrm. I joked I could sell the paint set on eBay if worse came to worse ...hee!


Last night I made this mix. the image on the front next to the toothpastefordinner (I *heart* that site; the music ain't bad either!) painting I found on a google search for 'girl covering ears image' ....very odd. veryvery odd. anyway, it went with the mind fuckage point I was making. weird image upon weird image followed by odd colours. I always seem to use dark red. dark red is good.


Dream: I had a job in a cafeteria-like place. apparently when first on the job, you only get your $1 tip at the end of the day. it increases as you continue. I kept going up to the girl at the register waiting in line. I saw one girl pick up her $1 then I stood there and waited, but said nothing. the lady didn't look in my direction and I couldn't get myself to stop being shy for some reason and ask! I went back various times to gather up courage, but nada. suddenly an asian girl with her hair in a ponytail (probably cause we were trying to think of this girl in my graduating class last night who was asian and wore her hair in ponytails. she wasn't listed at the alumni site) approached me, grabbed a book from this shelf next to us and began to show me images from it. I was too embarassed to mention how I couldn't just go up and ask for my $1 tip that I didn't know what to do. I stared down at the book. I kept whispering 'hello' ... 'hello' ...I croaked trying to get the words out. she looked at me confused sayin' she couldn't hear what I was trying to say. as I struggled to say 'hello' again, I woke up.


It's rainy again. at least I sold some perfume. that brightens my day.

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Le he vuelto. Usted pensó que paré el leer? Cómo es grosero! Párelo! Infiel! Pero está bien. Pintura fluorescente? En México se utiliza como dispositivo sexual. Su huésped sabe quizá que algo usted no lo hace. Guárdese del deluente de la pintura. Lea la escritura de la etiqueta! Esa pintura está prohibida en algunas ciudades. Pero es necesario realmente. Puede ser muy oscuro y duro encontrar todo.

Sus sueños me asustan. Sueño sobre tacos. Ahora no comience a reír. No cada mejicano sueña sobre tacos. Pero hago los mejores tacos. Créalo. Un día mi taco estará en todas sus bocas. Mis restaurantes dominarán! Ése es mi sueño americano.

Debo haber faltado algo. Adónde usted va?

- 10.29.2002 01:55 PM - Fransisco


Um, no. they're "children's" paints. I just wondered why I got a gift at all really.

Hm, yay to tacos I guess.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say in the rest of that. the translator was acting abit wonky.

- 10.29.2002 06:14 PM - Amber


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