Hm. spoke to dad today - about a month since I asked him to find out about Rudyard's policy cause of the Slobberbone show. he then tells me a friend of his just told him it was a low key club

There Are Oceans in Our Neighbourhood
11:49 PM CST

Yes, dad sure knows how to take his time! plus, I found the website right away; it's weird he didn't just look it up online like I told him to do. it was said to be a pub that served great burgers or something. whatever. the point is that I found out abit after that about the policy on age by looking through the site abit more. I figured I'd mention later 'nevermind' except he didn't show up to take me anyway. it's not a club in my opinion; not according to the description. I think of clubs as a place to dance and dress wacky while strobe lights are thrust about in your face. maybe I watch the wrong shows, but whatever. it's a pub. I figured that much. I didn't ask him what type of place it was at all. I told him to find out about the age policy. now there aren't any shows I want to see there in the next while anyway. all shows that seemed interesting are 'all ages', so it doesn't matter. it's just funny that he goes on and on about things that have been figured out already ages ago.

Beyond that, the conversation was rather boring. he said stuff about the World Series while I said I hated baseball then he went on about golf. I said abit about what I knew about people online who have mentioned golf then said it was boring to watch on tv. he then said sports are a way to get out aggression; a form of human nature, etcetc; yaaaaawn. yes, sometimes he can be abit boring. at least I didn't fall asleep in the midst of all of it like mom did when I handed her the phone.

Yes, that's right! mom said she was too tired to even say 'uh huh' every so often or when she did, she didn't say them in the right spots. eventually she stopped saying anything at all and after awhile of him going on, he finally asked if she had fallen asleep on him ...hee!

I do think it would be funny to put dad in the same room as someone else who likes to lead conversational topics and let them try for a battle of the voices to see who would win out. yes it would be great. dad could wear a viking outfit (I'm thinking of the Led Zeppelin kitty flash video since he mentioned Led Zeppelin touring then I said I wasn't much of a fan) and the other person; well, they could be a ninja. yes, always need a ninja. dad would look silly as a ninja though.


It's been raining off and on which has made for me sleeping in till sometimes 3pm or at least not getting out of bed till then. I'll listen to Knife in the Water albums half the afternoon in a daze. it's rather nice. at least I don't get in a rage anymore over missing Days of Our Lives though I'm still somewhat sad that I cannot wake up at 1pm. it's not that early and I've been attempting earlier bedtimes. perhaps my book reading hasn't helped though. I read until I'm sleepy which even if I went to bed early still means I'm awake reading. still means I have the tendency to sleep in regardless. I need to fix it somehow.


The best thing that occurred today was preordering the Limited Edition Dieselsweeties Vol. One book!

Ya see, I've read those particular comics, so just having the regular book wouldn't be as great. this one comes with commentary and is signed! I had to beg mom to open up Paypal cause I don't have her password. even though the money issue is still an issue, I couldn't pass this up, ya know?
[I do get a new check by the time it is shipped, so it seemed reasonable]

Yes, my life revolves around comic books, clothes and obscure indie albums for the most part (it is quite a lovely escape). leave me alone! [said in a sarcastic tone; come back as much as you please for more babblings of the ridiculous kind!]

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