Man, things are veryveryboring. rain. sleep. reading. movies. apatheticness. ah well, at least I took some photos.

Never Go Back To Not Speaking Again
04:04 AM CST

Yessuh, here they are cause I'm sure you're all very curious:

I look rather angry and about to shoot somebody if my pencam were a gun here - um yes

blurry and criminal-like headshot - damn okay these aren't very good here

rather pathetic and tipsy here - also gloomy

I look flirtatiously shy here

I look like I'm about to cry or just got done crying; ugh

first actual normal looking photo

Hm, yes, what you may not notice from the photos is that I was wearing bright berry lipstick. that shit took forever to wipe off. I think I still look like I had some pink lemonade recently or something. ah well. oh yes, that whole outfit was very expensive if you didn't know. I am very pleased with it though ...HAH!


Some rather odd dreams this morning during the storm. one involving dipping my face in chili and then trying to wipe it off with a billion stacks of napkins. afterwards, someone gave me a creepy doll which I tried to stuff in a corner of my purse. at the point of waking up, I was in the middle of the mall shoving the doll's head in as someone said it didn't seem it would fit with the other dolls.


My head is rather heavy. stupid sinuses and runny nose.

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You're so gorgeous!

- 10.22.2002 07:47 AM - Thand


Thank you :)
all in the makeup, all in the makeup ...hee!

- 10.22.2002 03:00 PM - Amber


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