Turning one afternoon into a defunct episode of Seinfeld while I talk about how the turquoise string on the floor is my new friend seems very, very, very sad indeed.

Pancakes For One
10:54 PM CST

It's true. I think I indeed lost any enthusiasm I once had for anything concrete. just give me a one liner and a days worth of music and I'm good.

Conversation (I first wrote concervation; um):

Me and Mom together: Oh yeah *giggles*
repeat and laugh harder
repeat and laugh harder
Me: Yay!
Me: Yay!
Me: Aren't you going to say it at the same time?
Mom: I'm not playing. you pressured me!
Me: Oh c'moooon!
Me: Yay!
Me: Yaaaaaay! [gets louder]
Mom: ...Persistant
Me: Persuasive
Mom: Persistant!
Me: Persuasive!
Mom: Persistant persistant
Me: .... *evil eye* per....siiiiis...taaant
Mom: See? now that's what I'm talkin' about
Me: I just said that to see if you'd say it along with me
Me: This is so a Seinfeld episode
Mom: You're right. man. you're a defunct sitcom!
Me: Yep *picks up mr. turquoise string and makes him bounce*
Me: Yay!
Mom: Seiiiinfeeeeeld!
Me: Woo!
Mom: Kraaaaameeeer!
Me: *throws up hands* Yay!
Mom: Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld
Me: Okay I'm done

Okay, seriously, I didn't need to type that all out, but it's better than talking about how I haven't fallen off the roof in more than a month, I'm cranky, didn't go to a show again like I planned cause dad never called me back and I'm self hating. no one is hating along with me at the moment. group hate is better. we all know that.

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