I stood in the mirror giggling cause I had a cotton square sticking out of my ear like a napkin at half mast.

Bad Actors With Bad Habits
01:15 AM CST

Ya see, since I was afraid to cause more damage to my ear due to the fact that the shower was how it happened, mom told me to just stick cotton there like someone who has an ear infection or someone wanting to block out the loudness at a concert. I mentioned that this was said to be bad considering my ear would then not get clean, but I figured it's better than causing more damage.

Mom fell asleep by the time I was ready to shower, so I never got a chance to ask where the actual cotton was located. I searched every drawer and shelf in her bathroom. all I could find was the squares we use when removing nailpolish. I settled for this smirking as if I knew this would be comedy in the making. I rolled up one of them and that's when I stood in front of the mirror feeling foolish.

When it got wet, it was easier to roll, but I still was afraid it would fall out if I made too much movement. I bet if anyone was watching me, they'd be laughing in the corner. I'd hold the removeable shower head in one hand and with the other, I'd hold the cotton in place tilted sideways. it was quite hard to wash this way. I kept having to ring out the little cotton ball every so often. oh man, this was to laugh.

I was going to stick some olive oil in and sleep on a hot water bottle, but damnit, I forgot to ask where the hot water bottle was located now. I'm sure as hell not going to stick hot water in a pillow or cup or some other equivalent of such. that would probably be scalding.

Of course, I did stick my head halfway into my cup of tea earlier tonight, so I guess I'm beyond reason. I told mom it was logical in a way; felt like a steamroom and hell, the sites said the vapours are supposed to clear your head. she then mentioned how if any wax were to fall from my ear like the sites also mentioned could occur, that wouldn't be good to drink from anymore. I said I wouldn't drink it if I knew something fell in the cup. I mean, I have common sense. I'd get a new cup then. I just wanted my head to be clear. I didn't care about wasting a cup of tea. it did make for a nice wet feeling surrounding my ear. nothing else. oh well.


We got a couple new catalogues in the mail today. one's called west elm which is apparently anal enough to be like me. uh....sure. mom said there was one difference. the scarf strewn over the footstool and the bed? I would have folded that. HAH! okay, it's true, I probably would have, but oh well. I wouldn't stick that candle on the floor either. I'm afraid of causing fires since I'm known to knock things over.


I wish I wasn't so aware of myself.

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