Hrm. this is becoming a trend. I've been writing out more in my head than typing it out. it's scary how I wrote a whole post to a forum while in the shower. now I forgot most of it.

East of I-35; The Speed Wasn't Fast Enough
12:53 AM CST


We went to the mall. lindsey was visiting again apparently. I wondered how this was possible. we were hanging about in this open area with no roof. I had a sandwich. suddenly richard appeared. we were both kidnapped downtown again yet it was different cause we weren't told where we were going at all during any point. the streets got darker where once it was bright with headlights. there were just darkened fields. lots and lots of them. suddenly I asked where we were going and he said, "my favourite place EVER" and I was perplexed. I continued to watch the fields and feel ill. yeah I started to feel uneasy yet curious, so I didn't say anything. lindsey just sat in the back continuing to um, sit there. finally we arrived.

There was comic merchandise on countertops. it was quite interesting in fact. lindsey wandered off perusing a cd rack in the corner. I don't know what it was doing there, but I recall glancing at one point and seeing nothing worth purchasing. the comics were where it was at, yo! I saw tons of stuff with strips on them. actually this is interesting to note considering that I just read Scary Go Round the other night which was after this dream occurred and there was a tea towel available featuring a strip! yessuh, I'm psychic or well, whatever.

I continued to peruse the countertops and follow richard around. I kept grabbing at his hand. this would be shown closeup all movie-McAction-important-like. grasping like a child was okay. entwining wasn't "okay" ...I recall he pushed me away after that move and I continued to grab and cling to him. my reasoning was so that I wouldn't get lost like lindsey (she was lost somewhere in the store).

Soon I began to fly out the window. it was no longer dark outside, but bright like when the sun is just rising up in the sky. I was flying only cause of the wind. it was harsh - I wanted to be back on the ground since it was making me queasy. I grabbed amongst clotheslines that just happened to be connected from the building. I looked down from where I was hanging - almost taken away again. there were steps where people sat talking, holding drinks. it was some of the squishettes! first I noticed Piper. then I saw Ducky, Jessifer, kage, and some others I cannot recall. I jumped with glee at the chance to see them all there thinkin' "so this is where the secret squishette hideout I wasn't informed about is located!" the thing that's weird is that really I didn't know how we got there, so I don't see why I was so excited.

I saw Evita in the center. she looked about the same except she had longer extensions. she still wore her glasses which I think she didn't wear by the end of school. I was so excited to see her! I just wanted to do a dance, but I didn't. I went inside where I refound richard. soon we were handing stuff over to this guy at the register and I began to sing. Little Star by Stina Nordenstam (I downloaded it the night before the dream). the cashier asked what I was singing when I got to the breaking point where there's a pause in the music and she repeats 'little star' in an extending way. I said who it was all proudly. he then asks what the choir bit is all about; what it means. I explain it's something "ancient" grinning.

Suddenly, in the parking lot of the store, a man was being robbed. he had his hands in the air and a gun to his back. one of the guys surrounding the man being robbed, wearing black, held a knife. we were all watching from the sidelines like this was a show. a drop of blood flew in my direction and landed on the ground in front of me. richard said "don't lose your lunch now ..oh right, you didn't have any" (I then recall an earlier segment where I turned down food in a pan - perhaps lasagna a la Garfield - when we were in the store while it was still nighttime; this makes no sense that it was lunch though) I shrugged and walked off having no idea where I was going.

There's a pause in the action when a preview for the next *episode* occurs. the announcer says in a dramatic tone: "richard says he doesn't want any relationships. will she continue to cling? *hand shot shown again; then clinging to side shot* will she PREVAIL?!? and furthermore, will lindsey ever find her way out? will she be lost forever?? *shot of her still amongst the rows of music looking here and there in confusion* NEXT TIME!"

Then I wake up. hrm.

Last night, I was a sexy girl. it wasn't me, but it was shown from her perspective. some geeky guy needed help on his work project. two other girls volunteered as did the fake me. we ooooh-ed and ahhh-ed at him and sat in his lap. our hoeboots and stiletto heels bringing surprise to his face. my skirt went up too high and the stockings I wore were revealed in all their spidery goodness.

When it came down to him deciding between us, he turned behind him where an asian girl wearing glasses stood. he said, "it's so I get more work done" we all stomped off in confusion.

There was a pool and dolphins. there was a brick highrise building. I don't get this dream at all.


One last thing: I feel bad for being mean to "sexy icq to aim guy" ...I don't know why I'm so mean to him, but anyway. his friend IMed me earlier tonight and I didn't know it was his friend. the friend told me to stop fucking reading and I said my life wasn't to entertain him. he then said "so entertain me" and I got pissed off. I shouldn't get riled up over stupidity. I'm above that, right? I should just be like Ben Brown (aah the memoooooriiiiies) and say, "no more chat love for you"

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