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Bored With Being Ignored
11:27 PM CST

Mom got asked the silliest question on eBay this past week. it had to do with a mat bag. the person asked if a different brand of mat would fit in there. erm, let me think. can you stick a Big Mac in the box of a Whopper? can you connect a tv that's a Sony to a dvd player that's a Phillips? can you send someone Kmart in a versace gift box? my answer is GOOD LORD! measure the mat (since mom wrote out the frikkin' dimensions) and decide for yourself if your different brand can fit. if it isn't the correct size, then no. it's like sayin' can this car fit in my purse? lemme think....uh huh. just measure it then ask. are people that stupid really? I'm glad I don't get asked these questions. I'd have problems holding back since the info is there. 24x68 or less mat? YAY! 30x70 mat? NO! okay, I'm getting longwinded, but yeah, mom did say the bag fits this certain brand of mat (HuggerMugger), but they ALL are 24x68. that means that if it's exactly or less than that then it should fit pretty well. she was just giving examples! people are too literal sometimes (if not stupid).

Speaking of eBay, I sold two out of the three items I put up there. I think I feel another rolllll comin' in. seriously, I couldn't sell anything at one point no matter how many times I'd relist. well, maybe now is my time yet again! it does help that one of my items was a pile of tshirts when it is back to school time. I'm sure many parents cannot afford all this namebrand shiznit the kids are into these days and would like to get it at an affordable price. yeah, I'm such a businesswoman. I need to sell more expensive things though.

Next up, I may even try to sell those diamond earrings again, this cd label maker I have (I like to do it the indie way; sharpie marker on disc!), more hairclips and tshirts, old makeup and maybe even the cds I still had leftover from the last attempt.

Yay eBay! that means more album money for me! hah!


American Idol made me cry earlier tonight. well, okay it was just a few tears, but erm, yeah. Nikki was voted off and after hearing Simon's comment that he would only be happy if Justin and Kelly went up against each other in the end, I was all bitter. that was so rude. alright, he's Mr. McBritCrabby Ass and all o' that, but it was still uncalled for to name names. he could've just said he knew who he wanted to see in the end or whatever. ugh. he's had it in for her methinks. at least towards the end. when they showed the clip where her son hands her the rose yet again, ugh, that's where I about lost it. I had to turn away. I feel she'll make it in something though. mom thinks she should appear on the MTV VMA's next year; perhaps (they are into the look a la Gwen Stefani and Shirley Manson) ...well, at least soap operas (think Lisa Rinna on Days as Billie; I recall she did get to sing in certain past scenes when she first appeared on the show) or uh, indie maybe (if she sticks with music)? - well, okay not indie persay, but uhhh I'm thinking more of the localised labelling thing; not the type o' music.


Yesterday I took out my small keyboard after lots of it sitting in a drawer collecting dust. I call it a toy one considering it has erm, sound effects and it's small annnnd it doesn't feel like a real instrument at all. anyway, mom found it hilarious when I just stared down at it with much concentration for like three minutes just clanging away. I think I had it set on Taishokoto. mom thought it sounded like japanese porn ....BWAH! I said I'd only make it in a band if I was the obscure girl in the dark corner of the stage with my keyboard - not the main instrument. I could just clang silently over the other instruments and I'd sound like I was in tune ..uhhh huuuuh.

Seriously though, I can do a meaaaan rendition of erm, twinkle twinkle little star (the rock version) and I can do the beginning of Joy to the World. that's all the talent I need, yo. I'm the bomb.


Can I mention this again or can I mention this again? it's HOT and my face is yicky lookin'!

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