Man, I feel like I've been living in some mirage the past few weeks. seriously. plus, everyone there hates me, so I should shove my frumpy robe up my ass in defiance.

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11:52 PM CST

When pms strikes, it strikes. what can I say? I need a scene change or a people change or anything at all to happen would be lovely.

At least I'm doing laundry finally. that's a start. now that I think of it, I should've put the pillowcases in the wash with the whites. damn the man! *shakes angry fist*

The feeling of hate? well, okay, it's more like I'm feeling hateful and the other people? they're just neutral or ignoring me basically. only 'sexy icq to aim guy' (which I still wish would just go away; he disturbs the chi) and thankfully the forum people (or I'd be losing mah mind by now!) are being well, normal.

Sometimes I think I make up things in my mind for people to be mad at me about considering it's better than thinking they think I'm a bore. who knows. perhaps they really do all hate me now. all my friends hate me and I wasn't informed. or yeah, it's just pms. say it's all hormonal and pms. it's best that way. it's just the fall. the fall is a busy time for everyone but me. I must make myself feel less of a dork, but yeah, I just feel like a loser when I realise I'm the only one not busy. see? just not good.


At least I'm getting through my books and dvds which I've let sit in queue for awhile now. Love Hina is very, very good. I thought it would follow the manga point by point, sooooo I feared none of it would be new to me plotwise. I was very wrong, so yay! only the first volume and a half seemed to follow how far I've gotten mangawise. no guy came in on graduation day through the ceiling to take Naru out. at least I don't recall that part. I'll have to go scrounge the collection. anyway, yes. I need volume four now. I forget if it's out or not.

Good in Bed is making me cry against my will. I don't know; maybe it's the whole heartbreak thing. I can feel that more than half the world methinks. mostly cause I get heartbroken before I even feel halfway elated. stupid stupid stupid. someone needs to make me shutup for a couple weeks each month or this is what they get to hear. really, the book is really good. there are tons of scenes that made me laugh just as much as the sad parts make me cry.


Maaayyyn it's hot again. perhaps I shouldn't be wearing flannel pants and a robe. also, the dryer shouldn't have been going for the past half hour since it's right near this entryway.

I should start a column and call it "how I whined myself to an eternity of bitterness".


I woke up at 2pm hanging off the bed, light on, book thrown on the floor and sitting on my stuffed frog. that's just the way everyone should wake up least once.

[edited to add: there was this cool little askin' questions through email thing over at anbei's journal last night. I joined in *snort*]

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