There was a feeling of bad vibes in the house the past week or more. an odd occurance happened with a perfume bottle today. I put it away and it ended up downstairs next to the kleenex box in the kitchen. how the hell it got there, I have no idea.

Take a Knife and Discover
11:57 PM CST

Ghosts aren't something I tend to think about considering the mere idea of them scares the crap outta me!! ever since we still lived at the old house and a few weird things occurred, I've been aware.

Someone told me these certain houses were built on a cemetary; I forget if it was the old neighbourhood or what, but I'm hoping considering that I do NOT want there to be spirits living around here. I do believe that it must be my imagination running rampant for half of the stuff since I never actually saw an apparition.

At the old house, the blinds jumped. I forget if I ever mentioned this, but yes. I was sitting on the bed minding my own business when I turned to look at the blinds for no apparent reason and they jumped as if startled. the window wasn't open and the air duct wasn't near the blinds though I doubt the air coming on could cause such a fierce effect. it could possibly occur if you were to pull the blinds back to take a look out....that's how it happened. a few of the slants shuddered and popped out of place. I ran from the room not looking back thus running into the wall next to the doorway since I'm a klutz. I scrambled to pick myself up slapping my hand on the doorframe and down the hallway screaming (I never scream). I forget if I was afraid to go in there later. probably since I was young, someone made me feel better and I forgot allll about what happened. bah.

There were a couple other instances of oddness in that house, but they were easily explained. the radio instance where it was turned off and turned back on? probably turned it to AM instead of 'off'. the light turning on in the closet? it was mom and we didn't see her go by ...yeaaaah. that one isn't worth mentioning really, but it happened right after the radio instance, so we screamed bloody murder cause we thought it was the devil who would pop out of the closet now. oh yes, when the news comes on the radio in mumbled staticness and a light turns on in the closet, it is hell approaching.


Oh yeah, I'm not a terrorist:

me: I had a dream this morning I went to london and then went around to nyc and almost hit a building....I wonder what that means
richard: it means you're a terrorist
me: bwah ....I'm still not sure if I was the one controlling the plane though. I just recall spiralling towards the center of the city then ended up near the sea where some rapper named "dre drew" sitting on a log gave me a package
richard: it was a bomb
richard: you terrorist
richard: don't talk to me
richard: I don't associate with your typ
richard: e
me: hah ...I think it was a boardgame though :\
me: I blame listening to Tindersticks (gah I almost wrote terrorsticks) too much last night and right now...
me: oh great, now I just played a round of the copter game and got 911 ....coincidences...
richard: stop talking to me
richard: die
richard: you bin laden loving hippie
me: :P
me: terror can die


Oh yeah, one last thing: do bid or buy.

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