I created the *best* title for a mix evah last night [I know I didn't create the sentence out of thin air, but the fact that I *chose* it to go along with the theme was just the best]. lindsey thought I should've called it "The English Guy's Downloads Mix" since almost half the songs came from here. yes, I know, his nickname between us is quite bland since he's not the only english guy in the world, but erm, yeah, most my nicknames suck.

Better Than Shooting Myself
02:41 AM CST

I got most the albums I ordered the other night in the mail this past afternoon. yessuh, that's why this entry is late I guess. I cannot blame it entirely on that though I did get sleepy around eleven when I was reading my current novel, headphones on with Tindersticks playing. the realllly loud ass orchestratral song snapped me out of that mode. there were alot of moments on that album when orchestrated bits would occur out of nowhere; he'd just be mumbling along with little tapping noises in the background when all o' the sudden *CRASSSSH* okay, maybe not loud ass head thrashing beats, but yeah, enough that I had the volume up too loud since I was trying to hear the mumbling ...just unexpected. well, okay, not really *unexpected* unexpected considering I downloaded songs before buying this and was aware of instrument buildup (oh yes, my new term; I like instrument buildup...hah). it's just, well, I was in a sleep mode and had forgotten once it got stuck on a few quieter tracks. most were formulated, but there were a few quiet ones. just wanted to clear that up though I doubt half of you even know who Tindersticks is [not to be rude; I'm just basing this info on most of my readership; if you do, please speak up and we can chat since I just rediscovered them and as you can see, I'm rambly] (is it a new brand of snackfood by keebler, speak o' the devil?), so I'll shutup.

The new Spoon is rather equal in likeness to the previous album Girls Can Tell. I mean, they could coincide together marvelously. it's almost like a continuation....almost. I still think the other is abit better just for seniority benefits. my current fav after only two and a half listens today is All The Pretty Girls Go To The City. I like that one alot.

The Harper Lee and Trembling Blue Stars? well, I got into those, but since they're EPs, they were quite short. only 4 on the TBS and 3 on the HL. it left me wanting more. darnit. I buy EPs mostly cause I can get more of those than real albums. I'm cheap like that. plus, it gives me obscurity/scary fan-like potential since alot of people pass them up. I actually was smug towards "Bright Eyes Fan" when I heard the one album he didn't have was the Every Day and Every Night EP which was actually the first one I ever purchased. I only have one other, so what the hell am I sayin'? I just have EPs surprisingly enough; it seems weird to say considering I talk about them alot; I just happened to have burned alot of the songs off their albums onto mixes last year. that's it.

Not counting those, I got another ..Trail of Dead album just cause of the coverart [a certain occurance made me want it ;)]. it has kali on the cover ...I showed mom and she said it seems to be a real person posing as her since she looks real and not a painting. hmm. anyway, the album was sort've good. not as good as the latest, but listenable. I like the song where he repeats 'fuck you' alot. I somehow have become less profane except when it is needed though when I hear other people talk like that I get giddy. don't ask.

Reindeer Section finally arrived, too. I'm just miss obsessive album collector here it seems. I told mom most of them were backorders (she didn't know I ordered anything new this week; I dunno if she bought the story or let it go; whatever....I'm going to be selling stuff tomorrow - well, who knows if it'll work, but it makes me feel triumphant and not standstill). RS was pretty good though not as good as I thought it would be considering the wait. the two songs I have don't sound like most the songs on the album; I was picturing it as a darker album and not what it ended up being. I did like that rashes and cold fevers song... Jennifer said the song must be about her. hee! oh especially cause it's called 'billed as single' ...she shall sue them for writing about her! heheheh. you're so vain you probably think this song is about you don't you? don't you? don't you?? I'm punchdrunk.

Before I forget, yes, I got four packages today with cds. I was only expecting three, so I was all shocked trying to think back and realised it was my free copy of the new Sad Like Crazy! I was very surprised since yeah, okay, I forgot cause of all that went on this month with them visiting and all. it made it all the better not to expect it though. they gave me a second copy to give to a friend. lindsey showed interest. that takes care of her bday gift (her bday isn't till October if y'all wondered...yeah. I'm cheap!). I also promised her a copy of Dolour. that double takes care of things. oh yes, Trey, if you're reading, THANKS! (I'll write an email later if my mail is working; stupid POP only works half the time...*kicks it*). I still hold the opinion that the previous one is the best sorry to say though. seniority benefits.


I had a dream I was at the laundromat two nights ago. I've never been to a laundromat cause I can do laundry right next to my bedroom. this was interesting. the room was bright. I arrived with friends. the machines were bright white. seemed futuristic. seemed like we were in a suburban area, but somewhat near town. the sun was shining through these windows that were wall length. I sat down on top of a dryer and grinned (ugh, never watch Undressed again; no, just kidding; I'd never stop!!). anyway, I wanted to leave after that cause I was bored and well, I had my fun. my new excuse since they ignored me was that I forgot the darks and only brought the whites. I pointed to my open sack filled with whites and frowned. then we walked out to the parking lot as the sun beat down on us towards a lineup of parked cars. that's it.


I need to stop licking my lips. they get that weird sticky feeling if I do it too much. plus, my face gets sallow without the yellow tint. don't ask.

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*wonders what his nickname is, if he even has one. :P

- 08.26.2002 01:16 AM - Angst


er +* on the end. yeah. ^^;

- 08.26.2002 01:16 AM - Angts using a faggy eomticon


Your nickname? if this is Dan, then uh, your nickname is Dan ...I used to add 'of Sephira' to the end o' that, but not anymore considering that I don't even really frequent that forum that often anymore.

- 08.26.2002 01:40 AM - Amber


Ha. I'd wager I'm denied a nickname cause I'm not trying to get into your pants.

- 08.26.2002 01:44 AM - Angst


HEY!! :P

Other people have nicknames! like H.G. (husband guy) and plus, Will never had a nickname, ya know? ;)
I dunno how I choose on who gets one and who doesn't...it just happens or it doesn't.

- 08.26.2002 01:46 AM - Amber


Sure sure, a whopping 2 execptions. XP

- 08.26.2002 01:55 AM - Angst


There are more! like richard....

which I already said in the IM, but just wanted to make sure people knew there were other exceptions :D
just didn't want to take up alot o' room...

- 08.26.2002 01:57 AM - Amber


pants... just because I'm not actively trying to get into her pants doesn't mean that I've never tried. I just gave up. :p

- 08.26.2002 02:03 AM - hg


besides... it's her cheekbones I'm after.

- 08.26.2002 02:17 AM - hg




- 08.26.2002 02:18 AM - Amber


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