Ya know the term "dying alone"? I've been thinking about that. really, we *all* die alone technically, but the distinction lies in whether you die wondering if you really lived or die with some nice memories on your brain from all the companionship ya did have ...that is certainly the bottom line.

Disjointed Thoughts
09:43 PM CST

No, I have nothing more to say about that. really, I'm having one of those 'started the thought process, but never finished it' kinda days. that sentence itself seems unfinished.


Indie ...am I an elitist? I do realise that I do have strong opinions about certain bands and I won't buy something lately even if I really want to have it cause it isn't obscure enough or whatever. sometimes I feel it won't fit into the ultimate collection. I s'pose it's okay to make a mix cd with that sort of music on it, but not to buy whole albums. actually, I don't really know if I'm elitist or just smart. most known groups that I semi-like get old and tired. the sort you'll listen to once or twice and go 'yay!' but then put away once the phase is over. I wouldn't like to spend my money on music that is dispensible. I have enough trouble getting all the albums that *are* good enough! right now my music queue is at at least 20 or more albums.

One more thing - I keep fearing that this is just another phase and that one day I will absolutely *hate* indie and will have to sell each and every album I thought was part of the ultimate collection! that would pain me. good thing I don't feel it'll end. indie seems to be just that ...it's obscure enough that it never gets old. you won't see it on MTV! still, I do worry. the longest I ever stuck to one area was four years.

Scratch all o' this. I'll just say I'm openminded therefore liking something from each genre, so yeah, I will not grow out of it unless I grow out of liking music. end of story.

[edited: to add to my point, radiohead and weezer have been on MTV and I still like them; they don't realllly count though considering they are just barely riding the popularity waves in an obnoxious way; I'm mostly talking about pop idols that just gotta go despite maybe their one or two good songs over a lifetime]


Music music music. I bought somemore. hopefully I will get my knife in the water albums at some point. they are always backordered. it's starting to make me sad cause I'm dying for an album, yo! at least the Harper Lee and Trembling Blue Stars I ordered was shipped; I feared those being backordered considering they're eps in the annex ...the annex is scary cause there's more chance of backordering I think. probably cause it's even *more* obscure. that's it.

Finally am getting The Reindeer Section at least. that thing I thought would never be shipped. it gives hope for knife in the water. watch your back. clackety clack.


I have a headache. I hope I'm not catching West Nile. I seriously had a bite on my leg and it itched and yeah. head swelling is not good. either that or it's the weather. crushes skulls!

Dad's ill. he was supposed to take me to the record store. I'm staying away from him till he gets better. I spent all my money anyway it seems. well, not *all* of it, but all I'll allow myself for this period in time. I didn't allow myself any pjs in awhile or clothes for that matter. I hope my obsession with music doesn't make me forget all other necessities! well, okay not necessities, but I need variety in my shopping soon. time to remember my roots of eBay-ing ....I'm sure I could sell everything in this room and get a nice amount.

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