It's been awhile since I've gotten a mixtape. at least four years (I made one in the summer of 2000 for someone before I got a burner, but I hadn't received any). well, today I got one (thanks Thandiwe!).

Strictly About Mixtapes
11:24 PM CST

I was reading andrew's archives last night and read about his thoughts on mix cds ...he is *so* right. they are different from mixtapes. mixtapes have more than one beginning and end. that is what I hadn't thought about really. that's the difference. cds are easier for me to listen to considering that I just have a walkman left to play tapes on....I play all music on the cd-rom lately. anyway, that's the only reason that cds are better to receive that I can point out right off.

Of course, I wouldn't go back to making them; making mixtapes drove me insane cause I had to be so precise - I used math fergarshsakes!! abit too anal for my own good. cds I can do with my eyes closed; at least when it comes to the process of burning one. I still put thought into themes. that'll never die.


Okay, now I'm just going to spout (sp?) off about this particular mix, so I'm sure others won't find this as exciting to read:

I must say, right off, that the coverart is pretty. it looks quite indie if indie has a look :)
Really, there was only one song that wasn't particularly my taste (the Diana Krall one). it was okay ..just not something I'd stick on repeat).

Anyway, here's my thoughts on the other stuff...
The Vagiants - when I read your description, I was glad you put *she* cause I was picturing a 5'2" guy wearing pink shirts ..hee! the song was quite rockin'

Weakerthans - ya know I like them of course. the versions of Aside & Left and Leaving were sort've different from the ones I have (I put those two songs on the first mix cd I ever made; hee!). I think the ones I have are more produced or smoothed out. yours sound somewhat *better* ...not that they could ever be bad. I'm just sayin' ....I happen to like the more casual versions of songs. if these aren't really special versions, I'll wonder why the copies I have sound quite different ..bwah! anyway, the other three songs were quite lovely....I hadn't heard them previously.

Sarah Harmer - [Basement Apartment] I could listen to this again; very nice indeed. I can see why it would be an obsession. the other one is just as nice. flowed nicely. I *do* notice I don't listen to enough women performers, but yeah, this was good

Ashley MacIssac - this was cool. after dling a song in polish the other night off andrew's site, well, I was all for this scottish song ....I hadn't listened to this sort before, but considering I dled that certain song last night, well, it all somehow made uh, sense in a weird way that I'm sure I'm not conveying here :D

Chantal - well, I've heard exactly *one* song from her before; I wasn't sure what I thought of that one, but after hearing the two songs you stuck on this tape, I must say I'm seeing why she's good. it seemed she rocked out abit on these tracks. the song I have, well, it's nice, but sort've quiet. I'm not always in the mood for quiet :)

U2- I already like U2, so I have no qualms about this being on here. Bono rules!

Hawksley Workman - I quite liked this alot. the first song [Jealous of Your Cigarette] I wasn't sure about, but after hearing the others, it was all good. the soup one made me grin and I dunno why kage wouldn't like Beautiful and Natural. it wasn't *too* out there (then again, I'm sort've out there in my tastes mahself, so who knows) reminded me of something I couldn't put my finger on at first. it didn't come to me till I heard the slight sound of chimes. I recalled I was listening to the new Wilco (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) just an hour ago and that's why it sounded familiar. it sounds abit like Wilco at certain points. just certain ones.

Jann Arden - I liked it, but yeah. mom walked in and said it sounded like revival church music....omg! hee!

Sarah McLachlan - I liked her for awhile, but then got sick of her like I got sick of hearing Tori so often. I sort've got into this though. and yes, I've heard it before (the original version).

THANK YOU for sticking the Queen cover on there. reminded me of summers in Ohio when we'd play that Queen tape in the car when on outings. we used to watch Highlander, too. that song comes from the Highlander movie I think. I only semi-recall. that was lindsey's thing. not mine. heh.

Barenaked Ladies - I like most of their stuff (ever since the "One Week" song when I started noticing them and they mention Sailor Moon! w00t!) ....this song just follows that same pattern. I like the silliness.

Anyway, I think that is all. overall, I enjoyed it very much. in fact, I made mom get the stereo she brings to yoga class out of the trunk so I could listen to it without wearing headphones (I'm trying to not use them as much considering they irritate my face after long periods of use; it's a weird reaction). I even told her she *must* listen to it in the car. hee! she'd definitely like alot of this stuff as well.

The sticker made me giggle. I had thoughts of it being put on our car and people around here wondering which station that is....hee!

Anyway, thank you! I love getting this sort of mail!


One more word before I shutup; gaaaah it's HOT. the rain cooled things down for a night or two, but now my face is burning up and that bit of air getting through isn't helping too much. gaaah. I cannot wait for fall for this exact reason. our fall doesn't start till about October though. *dies*

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Whee! I'm so glad you liked it. But which BNL song did i put on there? Somehow i remember it being "what a good boy" and that's not really silly at all, so i'm confused!

I also can't see the letters on this background as I type them, so forgive any mistakes. :)

- 08.20.2002 12:26 PM - Thand


No, you stuck 'Blame it On Me' on there ...heh. the Milli Vanilli (sp?) line made me giggle.

Oh and it's okay. I can hardly see the text on here though lindsey sure lightened my screen the other week, soooo the red is brighter therefore I can see it if I am close to the screen :D

- 08.20.2002 03:38 PM - Amber


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