Today I did the oddest thing evah; I hopped off the top of the desk and somehow ripped my pants in three places thus falling to the floor. what in the hell??

it's been a long night searching for grace, now the sun won't rise
11:14 PM CST

Continuing with these odd turn of events always told me not to sit on top of the desk. that considering how klutzy I usually am (banging into walls, walking sideways, spilling tea on asses, etcetc), I'd end up hurting myself. I always hop on countertops and desks. somehow they are alot more comfortable than the chairs or the floor. plus I like feeling higher; elevation. yeah, the hopping action doesn't hurt; I like climbing and jumping. it's a wonder I have a slight fear of heights considering how much I love doing this.

Anyway, today was quite different. I was sliding down per usual since I got impatient with whatever was going on or my ass was going numb. I hopped off and was turning sideways when I felt I was stuck. I turned quickly in confusion thus making the loudest ripping noise ever! mom thought I ripped my leg/joints apart with that loud noise and the way I fell to the ground. I was giggling. smothering my giggles into the carpet. mom thought I hurt myself and was all shocked and distressed. I had to get up to prove I didn't even cause a scrape to myself. just my pants. yeaaaah...they caught on the little printer door that always is left ajar. I just never conisdered I'd catch anything on that. I always feared getting the lace of these pants caught on the banister; who knows how I thought this was possible. I always made sure to walk towards the middle; not close to the edge of the staircase.

It's odd that they ripped in three places though. it's almost like I got them undone, but got them caught again twice more. I still cannot figure this out. looks like I was in a war or attacked by wild beasts. bwah! each time I look down at them, I start laughing so hard I cannot stop. who knew I'd get such a kick out of this. mom just 'awww's when she looks at them wondering how I get into these predicaments.

My strategy is to get new pjs out of this. I did get those explodingdog tees tonight at least. I cannot believe mom finally went ahead with it. I let the subject go earlier today, but hey, I'm not complainin'


We watched Amelie (which I bought when they were here and didn't get to watch) after the bookshelf got fixed again (one book wouldn't fit on the shelf below and well, I hate having them out of alphabetical order; it's an annoyance). oh I *loved* it. mom jokes it's cause I have a neurotic mother and cold father. hee! I'm sort've like them in a way. take stuff out. put it back again. I'm an organiser, yo. anyway, it was so cute. we watched the whole thing and I barely touched my heated up frozen pizza cause I didn't want to miss a line considering the subtitles.


There is one thing I finally noticed. I didn't wear my powahful chinese dragon medallion today; I woke up disoriented from leaving the light on with my book turned to page one unread and didn't look towards the desk where it laid. it keeps away evil.

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