My legs itch. the thought that I was trying to have smooth legs and just ended up wearing pants amuses me for some reason.

I Only Miss You When You're Away
10:01 PM CST

Lindsey and zee crew arrived abit before 1pm in the cab. it was funny when I heard mom sayin' "there's the cab! oooh I can't believe it! I see lindsey! this is unreal!" hah. yeah, I recall last time like it was yesterday now for some reason. it just doesn't seem like two years ago at all.

I was sort've dressed up. red top, black slacks with the silver buckles and I put on slides once we were upstairs. the slides didn't match the outfit (dark brown?). anyway, we watched Days and I made fun of Abe for awhile. ugh....Abe and Lexy made out. that was abit gross cause he's like fifty and she's like thirty. at least it seems that way. it was very unexpected. the first moment of watching Days in awhile that had me somewhat focused on the screen. this alien crap and even the Billie being back storyline has me abit bored. Passions is ALOT more exciting lately. poor Timmy is dead. he's dead in real life, too or I mean, whatever his real name is...yeah. I heard it on Inside Edition. he died of surgery complications or somethin' twenty. how sad. he looked around ten at best. poor thing. I may have been annoyed by "Timmy" on the show and when he appeared on The Weakest Link, but it doesn't mean it isn't sad.

Well, sooooo..... having lindsey here isn't that strange so far really. she's been reading this certain book (which I wrote the title to in the forum; I don't feel like going to check) all afternoon and giggling in the corner. I walked around abit; conversed with aunt jo jo and grandma. went into mom's room to answer the phone. did all that sort've stuff. there was this car parked outside our house. I watched it for awhile. I'm still curious what that was about since no one got out and the car had its blinker on to turn right....hrm. very strange indeed. maybe they were aliens! I'll tie in the themes here! bwah! I spy too much. I mean, in here I noticed the neighbours on the left sweeping their patio. then later tonight the motorcycle person zoomed by....lindsey thinks we should stalk them one night. hee!

Anyway, not much to note on that front as of yet. we are definitely not hanging out with anyone to my knowledge depending on if anyone appears by early next week who is interested and stuff. highly unlikely. we'll see.

I got the new Carissa's Wierd disc in the mail today. it was very good. I quite enjoyed it. of course, the lions puking blood on the cover was sort've yick. I didn't even know that's what it was supposed to be till it mentioned it in the inside credits area. gaaaah!! if only they didn't tell me! I would've thought it was abstract! hee! skeletons on the last cover and now this. w00t! Ignorant was on there; I have that song - the unproduced version. they laugh at the beginning and use less instrumental bits. I cannot explain it, but it's sort've less heavy. I like both versions.


Hopefully my sinuses go down. I've been sneezing, coughing and congested all week...moreso last night thanks to mom dusting. I couldn't sleep really; I must've passed out around 7am, but I woke up by close to noon; maybe even 11:30 at first. not alot of sleep at all. I bounced out of bed regardless.

Last night I was more bouncy; probably cause I was preoccupied about laundry, showering, and redoing my nails in black again. that all went well and good. it's just today ...why so sluggish? it ain't fair. we were quiet most of the afternoon reading books ...HAH! last time, we giggled into the intercoms. perhaps the novelty has died down plus she didn't sleep the past 24hrs. I have the upperhand in energy, but I'm still not the least bit energised.

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