Hrmph. Feeeeeh. BAH!

This Is Not a Joke So Please Stop Smiling
09:26 PM CST

There are good shows on right now or well, there would be if cable hadn't gone out at 4:30pm. I'm rather upset seeing as after a skipped month, yessuh, it damn well arrived! well, let's just say I haven't been very cheery since last night.

I decided that night, before closing up and going to bed (around 3:45am), I'd play a few more rounds of the helicopter game, reach 2000 and go to bed. I don't know why that was my goal, but it was nonetheless. I couldn't get above a 1646 that night if I tried for some reason. I cursed and cursed and ....yes, cursed somemore. I don't usually and I haven't in awhile. I didn't even say it quietly. I yelled, "fuck you you fucking ass! screw you! *flicks off the screen*" yes, not very peer friendly. good thing those in the house [ie. mom] were fast asleep.

At the point of the billionth death of the copter, I was getting so frustrated I was on the verge of tears. nothing has made me really cry in months. Nothing. I've felt like crying, but I wouldn't be able to muster up more than a tear or two. I still didn't get a fullblown crying fit goin' on, but it was more than usual. it was almost like seething rage and frustration all at once. over a game. go figure. well, we all know it wasn't just the game, but I'll say it was the game.

The screen froze around 4:30am, I restarted then went to bed. at least there's some good that came out of that though I couldn't rest as peacefully knowing I didn't get 2000.


*bloats up with evil* [tm CaseK from squishettes; that so fits me today]
One person who realllly pissed me off -this is no surprise- was sexy icq to aim guy. y'all may be confused on why I call him this anyway since it makes it seem I'm calling *him* sexy. that isn't the case. I should really add him to the cast listing since I seem to complain about him enough, but bleh. maybe another day. so, he's called this because of the time he caught me on yet another bad day calling me sexy and babe. I *hate* being called both at the same time or any for that matter. wellll, I used to just talk to him on icq or well, I'd be civil to him. I never talked much about myself at all. he didn't even know I had a website ...this surprised me since usually I am thrilled to give it out to everyone. maybe I had an inkling I'd want to discuss him in a not so nice light later on. well, he eventually moved to aim like most do though he still claimed to like icq better. eh. I really don't know why I told him my aim name since considering that I don't go on icq much at all, I could've avoided him for alot longer if I refused to state my username or well, say I use the program at all. maybe I was in the mood for drama at that time. I just didn't know he'd be the annoyance he has become. he wasn't *as* annoying on icq at all. just the 'sexy' and 'babe' thing, but others say this as well and I don't throw the book at them. it's just something about *him* that makes me rage for some reason. I just know it ain't right.

Today topped it. he couldn't stop telling stupid jokes. too bad I didn't save the conversation. basically I said it didn't rain, so I was okay when he asked how I was. see? I'm civil enough. anyway, he said "you don't go outside anyway, so why does it matter?" I forgot ever mentioning I don't go out much. I must've let abit of myself slip out ...darnit!!! or I just never say I'm doing anything and he just guessed since I don't give any evidence otherwise. bleh. well, I mentioned lindsey and I going to the pool at some point and rain would put a damper on that. it seemed innocent enough. he then said this which threw me right over the edge of all reason, "will you be wearing a tong bakani" wtf? that is *the worst* spelling I've ever seen in my life! also, even if spelled correctly, it's really stupid on its own. just the whole sentence together made me cringe. he then got even worse off asking what type of panties (I *HATE* this word with a passion) I was wearing and if I was wearing a "tong" it was okay. the bastard. I then told him I do not tolerate those words spoken towards me. maybe if it was someone I actually liked who was joking around with me, I was joking back and it was a *good day*, I'd consider letting it go, but I told him I wasn't in the mood for vulgar jokes after the first one. he didn't get it obviously. he kept sayin' he was just joking and why couldn't I take a joke. then he said I needed to open up. maybe I wasn't getting *enough stimulation* ...I questioned, "stimulation?" he THEN said, "sex need to open up...your legs! j/k".

Then, like an omen, the screen froze and I had to restart. when I came back he thought he *really got to me* that time, too. obviously, this would get to anyone methinks. I was bitter enough without these stupid vulgar jokes he was producing. it was the way he said them that pissed me off really and well, the fact that it was him. if it was a friend, I'd just laugh it off eventually. I try to be as civil as possible to him and even seem to care about his troubles cause he's a person, too, ya know? I just cannot seem to say "fuck off" at all. I don't think he gets it. I hate disliking people for no real reason except that they were too vulgar on a normal basis. I guess that's a good enough reason for some, but I feel bad for the moments he's normal. it's almost like I don't feel justified in feeling so upset. oh well. I'm EVIL as of this section! hah.
*pushes evil over a cliff for now*


Well, I'm sure despite my little problems with the cable showing static, feeling nauseous, dealing with those who don't get it and all the thoughts in my head that are there anyway, it'll all be abit better with lindsey here to distract me.

[edited: Cable came back on at 9:30 ...hah]

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Regardless of how normal he is at times, you are completely justified in feeling upset, angry, and totally pissed off at him, since he's a jerk the rest of the time.

You're also justified in blocking him from your AIM. (I've got similarly harassing folks blocked on my own AIM -- they don't see the block, they just never get to see when I'm in AIM.)

Just my 2 cents :)


- 08.06.2002 05:14 PM - Yansa


According to the comments page, I'm a sinner! w00t! ];)

--yansa!, who has just now discovered that he is eeeevil ;)

- 08.06.2002 05:15 PM - Evil Evil Yansa


Okay, now I'm a follower. I kinda liked being a sinner. I want my pitchfork back. :b

... who wonders what he will become this time

- 08.06.2002 05:16 PM - Yansa the Follower?


Hee! thanks for agreeing with me; I feel so horribly bad after writing this sort of stuff, but figured it would get rid of my rage for the night instead of bottling it up plus I had nothing else to make an entry about :)

Oh yeah, there's only two names - on greymatter they had the singular name and the plural name; most people just keep it as comment/comments, but I had to be different ;)

- 08.06.2002 06:32 PM - Amber


i hate the word "panties" as well. it's just so... i dunno... can't stand it.

- 08.07.2002 05:50 PM - ctrent



As said by someone's lj in the comments section: "it makes me feel like a pedophile" ...just yicky and dirty seeming somehow...yeah.

it's UNDERWEAR people!! :D

- 08.08.2002 01:17 AM - Amber


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