So.. what? I'm slightly peeved. items I hope to arrive in the next week are backordered I noticed. I hope that doesn't pause the whole order. damn me for wanting slightly obscure things like Knife in the Water and The Reindeer Section...damn me to hell, yo. [okay don't damn me except for being fruity, that's from the annex; I got an email that the other portion was already shipped just yesterday; I need a helmet, please]

It's Comin' Down, Down Before Tonight, One Little Wall
02:59 AM CST

Besides orders, I took some photos earlier tonight. oh yes. they're quite artsy since they're blurry and altered. wooo! go me! it's not cause of my face for once either; I mean, it still looks slightly match girl-like, but they've gone down abit plus I had coverup on. no, it was the graininess and *sharpness* of the images. stupid webcam. it used to take decent pictures and now this. I accidently pressed the 'camcorder' button at first. yes, that's right, there's three minutes of me sitting in a chair slightly moving. it was sort've artsy and the lighting and colour on *those* shots was niiice. oh well. I'm not uploading that file; it's probably huge. it shows up on Windows Media Player, too which I view as an annoyance, but it was still pretty good quality considering.

Here's the photos:

I look like the joker!

artsy as hell

wooo I added a reddish tint!

I'm bluuuue!


As you can tell, I'm such a bore. I needed content. at least next week, I should be more "with it" ...well, at least I hope so.

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