Yes, I'm a sad, sad person who takes screenshots of their scores to games they play cause there's simply nothing else to do. surprisingly I haven't played yet since I woke up, but it's only about 4:30 and I woke up at 3pm ...what do ya expect, yo?

Señor You Are Wiiiise
04:50 PM CST

So, last night I felt slightly bitter/angry for no real reason. I was mad cause mom woke up (which is typical of her to do, ya know?), cause the sun came up tooo soon, cause probably when lindsey gets here no one will be around to hang out; we'll have to hang out with ourselves I guess. that won't really be bad considering we did so last time; it was rockin' staying up till 4am most nights in our pjs laughing and blogging sites all day. yes, that is all well and good. of course, at that point, I didn't have anybody who did come over really - not counting Dino who was long gone.

Hopefully it won't rain considering at least we can spend time at the pool if no one is around to hang out. we could go out on our own I guess; lindsey can drive. I don't know how well that would go over though knowing how I don't know the streets like the back of my hand like I used to and lindsey has only been here once, so I don't know that she'd remember where to go. at least the Clear Lake area is safe enough to drive knowing that she does go to Pittsburgh by herself. Clear Lake is probably the equivalant of erm, Girard. uh, maybe not that small, but yeah, it's safe enough.

Anyway, I do hope that I don't fall off the roof that week knowing how I didn't have one for six months the last time she visited and it arrived that exact week. *greaaaat* timing. really. no really. I was such a bitch for awhile. I recall telling her to turn the S Club 7 down and getting angry when they went to the mall without me. I wrote about all of this. it's in the archives. I just would not like to be such a bitch this time. it just wouldn't be right (no, really?). I'm all bloated and my back hurts abit. I hope that doesn't mean anything like it hasn't for the past month.


In other news, at least I have a nice tv and dvd player this time around plus the key to the pool plus A TON of music selection. these are pluses compared to last time. maybe even Carlos (guy friend) will call again around then. that would be just great. I recall when I first was urging lindsey to visit, I wanted her to meet him considering what a big crush I had on him; I guess I wanted to show her how cute he was in person and uh, yeah. anyway, by the time he moved, she still hadn't visited, so there went that. I doubt he's in the area and if he was, he would be gone by now since it's been almost a week since that phonecall (at least it seems that way). it just would be such a good surprise if he at least called again. lindsey could say hi to him! there has to be some interaction with my friends, right? when I was up there a few years ago, I met some of her friends. she never has met any of mine due to circumstantial uh, stuff. it would be even better if we bumped into Teri. mom kept sayin' she'd see people who looked like her. hah! go on a Teri hunt. that would make a good story even if I said I was moving past all that.


I wish I had a bbq chip about now. yeah, even one would do, but yeah, not till tomorrow.

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i was trying to find an email address for amber. i wanted to know if she would like sad like crazy's new cd for free? it comes out in a few weeks. i don't want to spam here, i just can't find the email. i can barely operate a computer. i like this site. please email me amber?

- 08.02.2002 04:10 PM - trey


[edited to say nm the email! wheee! I'll reply if my mail is working or well, I'll still reply; just may take longer if it's down!]

- 08.02.2002 04:44 PM - Amber


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