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Hot Ass
11:54 PM CST

I've decided I'm more of a klutz than ever lately. no, hear me out! it certainly makes me realise why I scored higher on the serial killer quiz.

Yesterday I was cutting something and somehow did this move with the scissors when putting them away that was almost similar to something a ninja would do with nunchucks. soon enough, I was fumbling like they were on fire (just could not seem to just put them back in the holder fast enough) and threw them across the desk missing mom by like one centimeter where they fell on the floor by her chair. I'm dangerous, y'all. I cannot handle scissors.

Later on, mom made tea and this was the conversation:

Mom: You carry your own cup. I don't want to smush ..is that right?

Me: Yeah ...I think
(now that I think about it smoosh would've been a better word, but whatever)

Mom: smush my muffin! *does alittle dance* it can be a new dance craze!

Me: *giggles as I walk up a few steps behind mom*

Soon enough, mom stops abruptly when doing her little dance that I start laughing abit and my cup goes out of control ....I shriek as the hot liquid cascades down my legs and realise the cup has landed on mom's ass!

Mom: I have a hot ass now ....hot aaaaaaassssssss

Bwaaaah is all I can say. bwaaaaah. I couldn't stop laughing about that one for awhile. later on she showed me the stain on her nightshirt and I started up again. it actually soaked straight through to her underwear ....just get away from me when I have hot liquid in hand or scissors or...hell, just stay away from me. even with bare hands I could probably hurt you or almost hurt you; gah.

On the way to bed that night in the dark? I walked straight into my tv set and it teetered ...it never teeters. I giggled in bed at the thought of how much of a danger I am. especially to myself now that I think about it.

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Hey, this is completely unrelated...but i was looking through old casset tapes...found a fake radio dj casset you sent me! i listened for a little bit...amusing. :P

- 07.30.2002 07:27 PM - Atalia


What a coincidence since I was just talking about the fake radio show tapes the other day to some people!

May I ask what some of the skits on that one were? I even forget sending you one; well, I slightly recall, but don't remember why I did...heh

- 07.30.2002 10:35 PM - Amber


hah, yeah...i dont remember the whole thing...you managed to fake an interview wih someone...did a top 5...stuff like that. funny stuff.

- 07.31.2002 05:59 PM - atalia


Aaah okay - that's what we do on *all* the tapes actually ...hee!

I listened to one last night where I sing along with R.Kelly on Downlow and I sound high off something. I kept sayin' 'daaaamn R.Kelly ....on the low low' ...I was scared. now he's a rapist! I predicted it - already wagging my finger at him in '97.

Just cause I've wanted to quote this; perfect moment of my vulgarity about that situation:

H.G.: R. Kelly he freaky
Me: he'd probably piss on my cheekbones

[there was probably more to that conversation, but I lost it. oh yeah, cheekbones as in on my face; H.G. has a thing about mentioning them. still... most vulgar thing I've uttered in awhile :D]

- 08.01.2002 01:25 AM - Amber


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