The most crazy conversation occurred last night. I mean, I never underestimate the guest, mom and I in a late night talk. it's never ever less than semi-funny, but this one was UPROARIOUSLY hilarious!

Michellina Jolie
11:54 PM CST

We were discussing mom's results to the serial killer quiz and this is how it went:

The Guest: a 4 means she's hiding something

Mom: *mumbling into blanket* mmmph nuh uh

Me: I got a 14!!! I have killing tendencies!! muahahah!

The Guest: I'd like to take this test. I'm very curious

Mom: *raising herself slightly from the bed where she is about to drool* YOU better get a 3! *wagging finger in the guest's general direction* no one who talks about flowers and parades I better worry better not be a liar....

The Guest: *laughs* I'm all about that

Mom: you better be

The Guest: *starts massaging mom's feet* do you want your feet massaged, too? [directed at me]

Me: uh, no thanks. I don't like my feet touched.

The Guest: well, okay. I bet you'd like it if it was *a certain someone*

Me: *ignores comment* want a massage? [directed at mom]

Mom: mmmmhmmmmmm *rolls to the side of bed so I can scootch in*

Me: *rubbing shoulders* ooooh your shoulders are extra red!

The Guest: they get that way when her serial killer tendencies are on hiiigh...when she's ready to strike!!

Mom: *snarls* mmmph...mmmm...I was a teenage w...*snarfle* wuuuf [note: wolf]

Me: OMG! I thought you were going to say t...teee....*bursts into maniacal laughter with tears streaming* t...teeenage mutant ninja...BWAAAAAAH teenage mutant ninja turrrrttlllllle!!!

Mom: *sits up abit* yes, I am michaelanglo

Me: no, you're Michellina [note: as in the italian frozen dinner brand that makes the lasagnas]

The Guest: *pipes in* Michellina Jolie!

All of Us: *bursts into laughter till we're all in our corners with tears coming down and hoooowllling*

Later, mom does end up drooling over her hand when I rub her neck too hard and we all get up to do our prospective nighttime activities. oh, also, if I didn't mention before. mom had some white zinfandel with dinner and that's why she was so out of it that night [not that she isn't usually out of it, but the mumbling and drooling was even moreso hilarious]. very funnny.

I told H.G. and lindsey about it later. H.G. asked what we were all smokin' and lindsey said we were all on crack ...hee!


Everything else I've done since the last entry, I sort've wrote here.

I'd say that was the most pleasant day with killer sinuses I've had yet! I was in some determination circle of sorts. one thing led to another. yes. oh yeah, the cd I purchased at B&N? The Sugarcubes! only thing besides The White Stripes that looked semi-interesting. there's a skip on the last track, but that's the only complaint I have. I'd say I'd do something of the sort again. especially the end of the day massage which I think I lacked mentioning in that actual post :)

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