Oookay, check it. this is the clearest of all the pictures. what do you think? BUY ZEE SHIT! for now, just call me promotion bitch. the next designs'll probably be up sometime in the next week or so.

Promotion Bitch
02:32 AM CST

Hm, so, besides that, I don't know what else to say. this is very narcissistic for feeling so self conscious. ya know, I only look so normal in the above picture cause I put on a ton of coverup and have wet hair. wet hair=sexxxy. no wet hair? well, it may be okay, but eh.

Anyway, I am very proud of how the merch came out considering I had *no* idea what I was doing. I just knew I've been wanting to do this for ages. maybe next up, I'll actually design a section to show some of the designs before entering the store and so forth. well, there will be more than one store once the new designs are finished, so a whole section for the store stuff would be nice with little previews. hrm. I think big, but ya know how long it takes me to do anything. don't hold your breath.

A few more *water damaged* photos before I move on:

Okay, that's all.


Maaayn, I spent $122 last night. on. albums. (check this page for what I'm getting) one book and one dvd as well, but most of that cost was on albums. is this scary or what? I'm not spending anymore money till August unless I spend the rest of my B&N gift card. after that money is gone, no more. I must stop the madness!!! next month, I may opt on either spending money on anime, more sleepwear (aka pjs, but sleepwear seems more sophisticated...SHUTUP!), or those frames I've been wanting and that painting for over my wall. I'm scarily materialistic though I don't expect gifts from others ....I like to buy it with the money I get for the month and/or what's directly in my balance. of course, it isn't exactly *my* money as others have pointed out, but it's more mine than anyone else's really. I have learned abit about reserving and what I should and should not buy. the albums I will most definitely like, but ya know, I couldv'e held off on some considering I'll burn myself out on music. after downloading a Wilco song tonight (Reservations), I'm wishing I bought that album, too. I'm obsessed. I need help. save me!!


Sexy icq to aim guy *almost* pissed me off earlier tonight. okay? he said people online aren't real. I had enough of that from certain relatives and dad not to get it from another net person which is even more ridiculous. well, he said that people online can pretend to be whoever they want to be...well, can't people in real life do the same? say ya met someone at a club, they looked sincere, ya danced alittle, whathaveyou....then you get to talking. they tell you they work at so and so place and make alot o' cash, earned a TON on the stock market, hand you their phone number. the WHOLE story was made up and the number is fake; they just felt like playing around that night cause they were drunk or something. well, so they're not real as well, correct? see? I hate stereotypes about the net. sure it's easier to lie, but it doesn't mean everybody in real life tells the truth and everyone online is a liar and has some made up net persona of sorts. I'm just sayin'

I also dislike how he thought I was agreeing with him after he said "those people [the ones I've crushed over the years] don't count cause people online lie" and I said "well, okay, 4 I've met" and he said "thank you" like me changing the number is me agreeing with him. whatever. then he said that I only did that cause I found out I was being nice to him. whatever. I would've said I was in agreement if I was which I wasn't. that was a stereotypical answer and stupid. therefore he's a big liar, too, right? good.


I met a nice person through email on aol this past week. that was cool ...the guy's a Bright Eyes fan. those are welcome to mail me. I love email. I haven't done that enough considering my mail program sucks. I don't use that aol name to send mail usually, but he mailed me under that one, so what the hell. I just don't like to give it out to others cause I don't check it as often. anyway, he's in Michigan now and he seems to be a good conversationalist. I like those sorts. he's coming back to Houston next week. perhaps we'll have to meet; I dunno. I'm getting bored lately. I need a pick me up.

By the way ....riiiiichaaaaard (gah, I love spreading it out; I have to keep mentioning that...bwah!) ....wanna come over? wet. driveway. w00t! hah.

Also, may I add - wtf is Fraiser doing on at 2am?!? I want my Rendez-View damnit! I'm sad now.

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- 07.17.2002 02:44 AM - Spamburglar


Ooooh shutup! we need promotion cause...cause...we suck otherwise!

[though I admit I'm amused]

- 07.17.2002 02:47 AM - Amber


Ah, but do we swallow?

- 07.17.2002 02:59 AM - Spamburglar


HAH!! yes, but only on driveways or around driveways ...well, I can only speak for myself on this one. :P

- 07.17.2002 03:01 AM - Amber


Mein Gott, I bet that richard is on his way right now for some sweet sweet oral lovin' out on the driveway. I know I would be. ;p

- 07.17.2002 03:07 AM - Spamburglar


he isn't even online or maybe he would (*giggles*)

The driveway is all wet from the rain, too I bet.

- 07.17.2002 03:09 AM - Amber


He's not online cause he's on his way there. The driveway is about to get wetter, oh yes.

- 07.17.2002 03:12 AM - Spamburglar


He hasn't been online since I made this entry though unless he has the power of ESP!

That would be pretty cool actually.
*thinks bad thoughts*

- 07.17.2002 03:14 AM - Amber


:D <==8

- 07.17.2002 03:19 AM - Spamburglar



[*wonders what people who read this will think later*]

- 07.17.2002 03:20 AM - Amber


Bleh.. I missed it. I was probably sleeping. I've gotten on a normal sleeping schedule. No more staying away till 10am for me anymore. I wake up at 8am now. lol

- 07.17.2002 11:13 AM - dai


oh yeah about the sexxy icq guy. Just remember, I've been right about everyone you've had interest in.

And I don't lie, I have no reason to. When people meet me in person they get to see how pathetic I really am ;)

- 07.17.2002 11:15 AM - dai


Hee! I noticed - j00 should've had an ESP experience anyway and sleepwalked over :P

and uh, I HATE sexy icq to aim guy, so there's NOTHING to say about him at. all.

- 07.17.2002 02:44 PM - Amber


Okay...I just realised I was abit harsh there. I just would never be interested in him and he annoys me. that's all I meant. [edited to say: I was telling him about those I've crushed on cause he asked me how I was doing with my interests; I used to semi-mention some people so he wouldn't get any ideas; anyway, he said "there are other fish in the sea" and then I said "I'm just giving up; I've crushed too many people over the years" and that's when he said "not really. net people aren't real." or something to that effect; reason I got pissed]

I don't literally *hate* anyone really. dad is even down to a mild dislike.

- 07.17.2002 03:20 PM - Amber


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