Welcome all to the history of how The 'Hee came to be what it is today!

The History of The 'Hee
07:45 PM CST

Last year after a trying time of watching Squishy die, I spent time working on this site. I worked on it before in the ecstatic hope of gaining a good heap of new fans through the forum seeing as they helped me decide on my new domain name. I wanted to kill off my previous second domain hazycolour.com simply cause I was sick of using the term 'hazy' and sick of domain names that started with an 'h' ...a curse or somethin' ....I *almost* named the site 'hee-enterprise.com cause loucifer liked when I said hee! in all its forms - small, bold, big and loud and proud. plus, I like the term enterprise though I hate Star Trek and its incarnations of sci-fi action, so who knows what the hell was up with wanting it to be enterprise. that just sounded l33t. anyway, when I recalled my need to not have the domain start with an 'h', I was all in a tizzy over what to do. I continued to let people in Dear Squishites know of the progress up until the end. I ended up registering Sardonic Hee around June 10-16, 2001. I forget exactly - that just sounds correct. I even went and checked register.com and yeah, the WHOIS database is down (just my luck), so just agree with me here.

Anyway, once the site was accessible, I played with greymatter forever. I pleaded for help on the program in the tech section of Squishy. I ended up figuring it all out after many long nights at the computer doing trial and error. I knew exactly what I wanted just about - well, besides the fact of changing one detail. I wanted there to be an excerpt on the main page for each entry with a 'more' link, but I didn't want the description to appear at all on the main entry. I decided for clicking on an archived entry, that may confuse people for the times I just continue my thought from the excerpt, soooo I decided to just have it hop to the rest of the entry and have the excerpt at top. much more complex than I'm making it, but yeah, as you can see, that is what has been done. I have *no* idea when I shall get a new idea and make a new layout. ya know how slow I've been about those sorts of things. I do intend on making buttons for the Squishy tribute, the forum *and* The 'Hee store .....

STORE?!? yes, you heard correctly. store!! if you didn't see it under the announcements, click here. I made it in celebration of the anniversary of the site being up plus to the dedicated 'Hee members who seemed to want shirts for awhile now. I ordered mahself a mug and got a tank - welllll, I also bought two TWoP shirts in their store; the painter tubey and tubey girls one ..w00t! oh yeah, and I bought the newest loobylu mug. the poor one I bought a couple years ago is fading...aw.


For those that are unsure how The 'Hee came to be shortened to The 'Hee instead of calling it S-H or Sardonic Hee, et al - I think it derived from Mouse calling it that once or twice and it caught on. please correct me, if you were the one to come up with that term and want to slap me up the head. I just *think* and ya know how muddled my brain is lately seeing as I don't even know the exact day I registered this site.

The term didn't come to be till the forum appeared actually. the forum appeared in the fall, so it hasn't been around as long. I started it once squishettes version 1.0 ended and pimped it out to the Squishy mailing list for those that wanted a new place to venture instead of 3WA or the countless other forums on the net that weren't as community oriented. plus, I think people started to like our little group instead of a large group, so The 'Hee came to be. it has had two layouts so far. one dark grey with the main graphic from this main site as the logo - then in March, I decided it needed a more springy feel and white would be brighter and more friendly. I worked on the glitches and hacks for daaaays (well, maybe two knowing how determined I am). anyway, it has strived on for almost a full year (in September) now. I thought it would die once squishettes version 2.0 came about that rowEn started. she could not access my forum for some reason after I had made her a mod, so she didn't return after that. as soon as I got the emails from the mailing list about it, I feared the community would exit stage left and leave me alone to a nicer, brighter better forum with more space. at this point, I didn't have alot of space.

Most did end up leaving and I gave in - I signed up for squishettes and hoped people would continue to post at my forum. the posts came in for awhile, but in shorter succession - then they stopped around December. the forum didn't regain popularity till c&p was taken away from squishettes. I was sad about that for awhile since I *never* did finish reading that new thread there when it closed. I recall begging for it to be reopened or given in a non-postable document. I'm anal. anyway, I started joking that I had a forum for which to post at, but wasn't serious about taking away the people to my spot again. people saw it as me hinting though and started PM-ing other C'n'P-ers to join us.

The forum started up better than it ever was on March 4th. more members joined. I deleted the members who never posted before, made it bright and beautiful again, added new member levels with a hack and all was well. most of us happily post every weekday afternoon to talk about boys to shows to shopping to our sucky ass workdays (those of us who have one) to our lives in general. I *heart* The 'Hee, don't you? buy a shirt and it'll love you, too! :P

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*sniff* Oh, the memories! Yes, you have always been here for us, star. *smooch*

Though, I have to say, there are at least some of us (including me) who call it SH for short, simply because it's easier to type than The 'Hee. Just sayin'.

Thanks for all your hard work!

- 07.05.2002 02:53 PM - Thand


Ah, yeah true. *I* even continued to call it SH for the most part :)

- 07.05.2002 04:09 PM - Amber


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