I've noticed something very inconspicuous to most, but to me, I'm surprised I didn't notice it sooner. I haven't had a dream in weeks...weeks people!! I used to have three dreams a night/morning sometimes and I had a dream journal I'd fill to the brim with crazy schtuff. I gotta tell ya, it was ALOT more exciting than my real life. now? nothing. I feel empty almost.

Frog Killer Killer Frog and Ya Know It Maaaynn
09:25 PM CST

Now, now, I know there are somethings that prevent dreams from being remembered; not a deep enough sleep, worry, too busy and whathaveyou...they could return. I do know the illness contributed to my lack o' sleep for awhile or a dead sleep when it happened. I guess I'm just not used to waking up and not going "hey, weird dream..." or "ooh ooh! this happened!" or ..or "THAT! that was heee-laaairr-eeeouuus!!!" I mean, I used to spend time discussing dreams with people. it's a big part of my life...dreams are. they're what keeps me on my toes. the last dream I had was that swimming pool one. well, the last one I recall. maybe it's like I'm empty till I fulfill the swimming pool aspect? hrm. or till lindsey visits? I need answers people!! maybe it means nothing and that is that.


I realised I didn't mention before that "barista" is gone again. I felt so horribly let down when I heard he was through with the net yet again. will I get that "computer disc" (aka mix cd)? will I ever hear from him again? it's like I lost a good friend. I never even crushed him though I thought about it cause when do I not consider the fact when they're a good friend? the fact is is that I enjoyed talking to him. I have other musical friends and those with drama and all o' that, but he was special. y'all don't understand, yo! at least I have the conversations. I miss him.


The guest arrived on Friday per usual instead of when I thought he'd be arriving cause something was cancelled. he brought me these interesting chocolates. I took photos cause they made me sad to eat them (I still have some left, too...I just ate two of them and even that felt like I was killing part of the tribe):

Aren't they adorable? or plain creepy? bwah! somehow they look like they could line up and kill ME for killing their FRIENDS! hahahah. I could picture one sayin' "you killed my daddy...prepare to die bitch!" POW! or well, okay that's going abit far. I mean, really they are nice and good and they want you to kiss them and uh, ew...okay whatever. those eyes are creepy though. they stare at you while you attempt to bite their heads off.


The weekend involved no antics. just me and mix cds. I made mix cds all day Sunday and they were sent off this afternoon after the storm. it rained like crazy from 2pm till 3pm. the lightning shot out the electricity for a few seconds. I thought the computer was fucked. it seems okay for now. I read my Ya-Ya book in bed after watching Days for about 40min while the storm raged on. it was like my own little cave I was hiding in. I was on the chapter about the Ya-Ya ritual in the woods where they put on makeup as body paint. it just seemed so campy for a rainy day. I don't know. it made me feel good and I hardly feel good when there are scary storms abrewin'

I got my package from Starcat in the mail while I was talking to a girl mom met in the yoga class she teaches. we bonded over anxiety as crazy as that sounds. I like talking to new people; especially those who seem to understand though I don't tend to discuss my anxiety thing at length to most - of course, that's cause most don't understand it perfectly which I don't condemn them for of course. anyway, that was nice. I was feeling pretty good, so when the doorbell rang and I saw it was the postwoman, I opened the front door and signed for it. I usually don't open the door when I'm in my pjs and I feel like the girl who crawled from underneath a rock who no one knew existed. anyway, yeah....the lady was very nice. my handwriting sucked when signing (very shaky and childish considering I don't write in cursive usually), but I smiled and said "yes, I've been waiting for this package. thank you" she then nodded and said "allll the way from Florida, huh?" and I said "yes, I've been waiting for this!" and handed her back her clipboard and took the package. very friendly exchange of events. I don't know why I was ever afraid thinking they'd think I was scary crazy girl who they never see venture out. it's not like they know who lives in each townhome really. :)

Another THANK YOU to Starcat though I said so in a comment earlier. I ate most the chocolate except I saved mom one to go with her tea. I can't believe you recalled I *heart* those biscuits. they're the best! and thanks for the rest of the stuff, too. it was the nicest gift I've gotten in awhile...seriously. I'm thrilled beyond belief!


Now I'm off to tackle more frogs or no, probably wait for Undressed to come on THEN get out the frogs.

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I'm glad ya got it!!!! I was hoping you'd get it today or I'd get really worried!!!! I was worried the pack & ship guy stole your goodies!!! All I had him do was add the stuffing and tape it closed!

Glad you enjoyed the schtuff!!! I had fun (or rather we had fun) putting it together.

I remembered you liked those cookies so they were added last!!! I thought that was a good finishing touch!!!!!

I like to send surprises in the mail...just wish I had gotten it out in time for your birthday!! Maybe I'll be on time next year!!

I think those chocolate frogs rock!!! Reminds me of the ones from Harry Potter!!!

Glad you're enjoying all your goodies!!!!!!


::big hugs::


- 06.24.2002 09:45 PM - Starcat


It took us a while to decide what to get you also but I'm very much glade you liked what we picked out.


- 06.24.2002 10:16 PM - Cee


w00t! yeah, it was nice :D
and it's a good thing I didn't buy any anime since love hina was first on my list. a friend told me I should get the one with the box, but it's all good

- 06.24.2002 10:35 PM - Amber


Yeah,I found the one with the box AFTER we had bought the single! Well, it wasn't all that anyway...just a cardboard box...nothin' fancy!!!
Glad ya didn't pick it up already!!!!!

- 06.24.2002 10:40 PM - Starcat


Ah okay cause I saw it at animecastle and wondered what was so great about the box. the friend said to trust that it was better in person, but eh....I don't even have a place to put a box :D

- 06.24.2002 10:52 PM - Amber


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