Okaaay, for a second I looked like death this past week. couldn't even get up to announce I'd not be updating. I just could not sit up for long periods of time. at least now I made up for that in a whirlwind of hyperactivity!

Out From the Slums of Sickness
12:04 AM CST


I decided to shower after a couple days of not doing so plus I didn't shave for like five days; ya know, it feels slightly better to shower after laying in a sick bed for awhile. seriously! it feels different - like you're suddenly ALOT cleaner than you would've been if you had showered everyday - I think it's the whole being extra thorough cause of the excess energy. when you lay down for hours on end, once the ill effect is gone, the energy has built up.

Soooo, I showered. I only have a grape flavoured wash left. thankfully it does not really have an after smell. not that smelling like grapes is wrong, but I dislike the smell of grapes...blech.

After that RAAAAH!

I felt the need to wash my sheets and all o' that. it really freaked me out after last night when I found a fingernail clipping there. hrm...I still don't know how it got there considering none of my nails were to the hanging off stage. no to the toenails as well..hrm. lindsey thinks maybe mom secretly sits on my bed and clips her nails when I'm not looking. I highly doubt that, but it's still a mystery anyway. maybe I went crazy in my sleep one night and ripped a nail violently. um...yeah sure.

I think mom found me highly annoying. she found me the root of all evil and all that is crazy just yesterday for being in bed not making a sound for days though. she actually said, "you know what's wrong with you? crazy. I hate crazy." she should be a stand-up comedian...it sounds like it should be on a sitcom actually. I was NOT acting crazy - not since the night I finally fell off the roof. that night I cried and thought about suicide then laughed hysterically. none of it was really for real. I can tell a hormonal reaction compared to a real one. I think she based all her facts on my illness off of that particular night. I think I'm considerably rational in everyday thought and action.

Anyway, yeah, mom found my burst of energy annoying. how I ran around the house - up and down the stairs - telling her about the couples on the bachlorette alaska show on FOX ...she was taking notes on a yoga dvd. apparently this means I shouldn't have come barging in talking about how Tim was being a jerk to Cecile...bwah! - I really did relate to that situation on the show; the guy was really an ass considering he led her on in the bedroom then said they were like brother and sister the next second; oh geez...heh...only on tv is it announced in front of the group during a reality check meeting of some sort ...I would've smashed his face in or erm, I dunno, at least slapped him - oookaaay back to the other topic at hand....

I couldn't stop moving. I took the sheets out of the dryer later then arranged it all on the bed in one fast movement. seriously, I did it in like 5-10 minutes when any other time I'm sluggish as hell about doing work. I almost started on the pjs, but decided I'd be abit less ambitious or I'd wear myself out. already I was abit dizzy from all of the moving plus getting a headache ...only a slight one, but still.

After this, I cut my nails, checked my face in the mirror then got to chatting...I still got up every so often to grab discs from my room to listen to or run up and tell mom something. weird. I need to chill. before I wouldn't even get up to get a drink. I got up about four times to get drinks tonight...hm.

I'm sure tomorrow I'll be slightly less active, but feeling better nonetheless.
that's what we all want, eh? she lives.

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