Sooooo....uh, it feels like forever since I was able to sit here for extended amounts of time. I feel like someone ran me over with a semi, set me on fire and shot me all at the same time.

Bring Zee Crazy
05:17 PM CST

Last night was the first night I frikkin' laughed so hard I hurt with joy. mom thought I had gone insane since one second I was bawling in a corner sayin' nobody missed me then I pop out of my room at midnight sayin' the funniest movie EVER is on Cinemax and no, it wasn't porn this time. I kept coming in the room sayin' "oh yes, the guy admitted he was gay!" then I'd be hooting ...HOOTING and HOLLERING on my bed the next second then stumble in sayin', "oh yes, they put the dead guy in the trunk then ran over a homeless man! wheeeeeee!" believe me, this was a good movie. it was sort've hilarious how they kept on getting into worse trouble though the homeless man lived. he knocked on the trunk to be let out then asked for a dollar. the gay guy turned out not to be gay, but was covering cause the cop that was killed was in relation to the girl she was two timing his friend for, uh yes. it was a complex plot, but yeah, I watched the whole thing. an old lady dies, too. the one girl goes insane and wants to poison her tea, but she goes to get the honey, then collapses as she looks at her cup filled with roach pellets that she didn't want that much sugar ...HAH! heee heeeeeeee....maybe I'm lacking oxygen. seriously, y0! this was great. if you've never seen Stranger Than Fiction, oh you must. I never find stuff to laugh over on the movie channels lately besides the softcore porn. oh yeah, after that movie some porn did come wasn't as great as the usual, but eh, whatever. the guys just were not cute.

Oh yeah, since the cable network has been switching things around we no longer get the E! channel which sucks, buuuut we do get Food Network now so I can watch Iron Chef! woohaaaaa!! I didn't catch it since I realised the change, but oh, I will.


The other day, I dreamt lindsey was visiting and we were all sitting around in a kiddie pool in the backyard. it was the backyard at the old house. what the hell? anyway, this guy was sitting waaay on the other side - it seems the perspective was skewed cause kiddie pools aren't that big unless it turned into a bigger pool before my eyes. the guy was going on and on about boring manners in a teacher-esque tone. he raised an eyebrow and scrunched his eyes up and stared at us. we decided we must go to the real pool across the street since we now had a key unlike last time. yeah, we went back to where I live now...whatever. that was weird. mom says it means I want to go to the pool and I said, no, I think it means I want lindsey to visit so we can go to the pool as a side joy. uh huh.


Besides these stories, there is nothing left to tell. I miss feeling completely normal though. maybe if I eat abit more and take more vitamin c drops (I took 13 the other night; it did help for abit...HAH), I'll be back to normal. at least after that time o' the month hits I'll be alright. I really dislike how I look like I have measles; stupid blemishes. they aren't the icky ready-to-explode sort, but just small ones dotted across certain areas. I can tell I'm all greasy though cause if I lay on my pillows all day, it happens. I should shower. I didn't last night cause I was exhausted. I read my "outdoors" book indoors, got to part III or something then passed out.

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