While I'm still able to sit up, I feel I must compose this entry. I'm sure you certainly miss me on chat since it has been about one day, right? riiiiight?!? okay, I'll pretend I heard right.

Woe Is Me
03:34 PM CST

Things wrong with me:

1. my face broke out ...hell, even my chest and back and that hasn't happened since erm, maybe middle school. at least not more than one blemish. gah, I hate myself

2. my hair was all greasy when it shouldn't have been. must be the fact that I was laying on my bed for upwards of like 5hrs at a time....at least now it's clean, but it doesn't make things much better. it still has that kinky-ish feel to it. must be hormonal....blech. I don't remember my hair ever looking so gawdawful. it hasn't looked nice since last Saturday

3. I cannot sit up for that long or that strange side pain comes back and I must hobble back to bed to nurse it like a pathetic fool. reason I'm not even going to attempt chat since I'd probably be able to *start* conversations, but I'd go idle every ten minutes or so. I bet people would *hate* that ...well, I'm used to people not sayin' they're leaving and going idle, but I'm still trying to be semi-considerate here

4. weeping. I weep, I weep alot. I beg to be well again; to not feel the butterfly feeling or the I cannot move feeling or the I want to disappear feeling ...oh yes, hormones and actual pain are bad combos. it still isn't that time of the month. pms can sometimes be worse.

5. I read a whole magazine, watched every show on tv that I could think to watch in my room; gah, I forgot how boring it is to lay about all day. the day I did it cause I was depressed back on Memorial Day made me feel claustorphobic (sp? cause I'm a lazy ass who is too fucking lazy to look up if I spelled it correctly; forgive me, I'm in whining mode). yesterday I just felt sad cause yeah, even if I wanted to, I didn't want to get up...if that makes the least bit o' sense.

6. I missed cartoons cause in the midst of my pain, I was able to pass out. laurie was there. I was showing her a conversation between me and Will since he supposedly flirted with me. I don't know either. perhaps it's cause I mentioned to Jennifer the other day that we do not flirt anymore; even in a joking manner - not that there was another manner since we crushed each other at different times back then. ah well. it was weird I'd be dreaming about that. Will may kill me for even mentioning him in this entry :P

7. now mom is showing me clothes she bought and the butterflies are coming back in my stomach. I don't want to go back to laying in bed, but ya know...blech. I even feel that if I do, mom will get all worried and she'll bug me about doing something if I look the least bit sad and ill. she knows I haven't been feeling well, but it doesn't matter. she finds a way to make me feel guilty for laying down. oh yeah, yesterday if you didn't read in the lj I kicked her directly in the ass for singing a stupid made up song. it was annoying. see? when I'm ill, you shouldn't get near me. at least not when I'm ill in the hurty I'm going to die way. if I just have a fever or sore throat, by all means, bring me a tray of food; like croissants and orange juice. I like that. it's too bad I cannot get normal sick. sometimes I think I just have some irritable problem since this stomach thing happens too often or okay, mostly near pms, but that's too often for me :\

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I was wondering where in the hell you were. Hurry up and get well or I'll drive all the way to Houston and kick you directly in the ass!!

- 06.09.2002 09:07 PM - melodywhore


Heh ....yeah, I miss chat. it has been three whole days; gah, that's the longest time I've ever not signed on chat. I only checked mail the past two days and maybe looked at lj for two seconds.

I spent a total of like 20min crying today cause I was sick of not feeling well. whenever I'd try to be useful and move about, I'd get butterflies in my stomach and have go to lie down again; it just will not end. mom thinks it's an anxiety breakdown...I dunno. *shrugs*

- 06.09.2002 10:11 PM - Amber


So that's what's up. *concerned*

- 06.10.2002 02:06 AM - Angst


Yeah, personally I think it's just pms and such since I can tell when I have a mental reaction...definitely the physical stuff happened first. it's almost that time though nothing has occured yet so I figure I'll be okay soon.

- 06.10.2002 02:52 PM - Amber


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